Aquabike Events

Aqua cycling, also known as aquabiking, is a two discipline sport including swimming followed by cycling. Aquabiking is similar to triathlon, but with the run portion removed. It shouldn’t be confused with aquabike sessions at your local pool or gym, which in short are spinning classes on a stationary bike submerged in a pool.

Aquabike: a great introduction to multi-sport events

Aquabiking is a great way to prepare yourself for triathlon competitions if you have a running injury and want to save your legs from pounding.

Many of those swim & bike competitions take place during triathlon events, sharing the same swim and cycling courses. This is why aquabike races often also share the most popular triathlon distances, less the running part.

The swim segment can be in a pool for shorter distances and in open-water for longer.

Cross aquabike races are also becoming popular, commonly taking place during off-road triathlons. For those, you will need some open-water swimming skills and a mountain bike.

This is a relatively new discipline which is growing in popularity, with a greater number of options available to participants around the world year-on-year.