Dog Run and Canicross events

What could be better than running through great scenery burning energy and getting the adrenaline pumping? How about doing it with your furry friend right by your side?

Never tried a dog run? Then isn’t it about time?

A dog run is the ideal event for dog lovers who like to run. Combining two of your life’s best loved things is great for both your fitness and helps strengthen the bond between you.

A dog jog is suitable for anybody from fitness fanatics to those who just want a fun day out with their pooch.

Dog running has been growing in popularity as people look for new things to do with their dogs. It’s a great way for dogs to socialise, particularly if they’re quite anxious, and stimulates them mentally which can help prevent destructive behaviour and separation anxiety.

Canicross is a cross-country version of this sport.

Exercising with your pet is a must for all dog lovers and there are a multitude of events available in varied locations to suit all levels of fitness and ability - both human and canine.

So, for your next fitness challenge or for something to add a bit of spice to your running, check out our list of dog running events near you.

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