App(ugh)lachian Race Series - Day of Reckoning - 3.5 Miles/1700ft elevation

Abingdon, VA, USA
13 Jul, 2024 (Sat)


3.5 mi

About the event

3.5 miles and 1700ft of elevation gain. Need we say more?

Ok, I'll say more. Please read all race details below.

This event will take place in Abingdon, VA on July 13, 2024, and will raise money for the Nature Conservancy. The street address listed is for an optional pre-race packet pick up on July 12, 2024 at 6:00pm. NOTE: this is NOT the race's address.

Race details:

Race fees/registration: $49 - Early Bird Pricing April 4 -June 16. $59 Regular Pricing June 17-July 10 - Please note that only runners registered by June 26th with be guaranteed a t-shirt. Also, keep in mind that this is a unique race that requires a lot more permits to put together, and so it costs a little more than your average 5k to attend. But, this also means you are supporting local parks and the outdoors by doing so. Likewise, all profits will benefit the Nature Conservancy. 

Pre-race packet pickup/meet-up (optional): 6:00pm on July 12, 2024 at Abingdon Commons 238 W Main St Abingdon, VA 24210

Race swag: All participants will receive a custom race t-shirt, and those that register early enough will receive a pair of Thorlo socks.

Start time: 9:00am on July 13, 2024 - IMPORTANT: Participants will find out where exactly in Abingdon, VA the event will take place the first week of July. We do this so that everyone who enters the race, does so on an even playing field, and so no one can train on the route beforehand. Besides, you know the distance, the elevation profile (up), and roughly where it is, so you have everything you'll need to adequately plan. The location will be emailed to the email provided in this sign up, and will be posted on the FB event page the week before.

Course details: The course will be held partly on a paved road and partly on a gravel road. It pretty much goes straight up. In case you couldn't figure that out by the distance and the elevation gain. It may not be the steepest 5k, but you'd have to search pretty hard to find one steeper. 

Race rules: As part of the App(ugh)lachian Race Series, we have a few unique rules in our races to make sure everyone has a memorable experience.

#1 - You are not allowed to listen to anything, or wear headphones during the race. We want you to take in everything going on around you, and inside of you. No distractions or help. It's you vs the course. 

#2 -You will have to carry something at some point in the race. Basically, at some point, which will be a surprise, there will be a gift waiting for you to take with you to the finish line. Embrace this gift. Don't worry, it is something everyone is capable of carrying and doesn't weight more than 20lbs. This feature just ensures that the lighter runners and the heavier runners play on a more even playing field. And, it makes for a nice full body workout.

#3 - There will be special t-shirts made for those deemed to be App(ugh)lachian at the end of the race. Criteria for being such will be announced at the race start. Don't worry about what that may be, true App(ugh)lachians are up for the challenge.

Post race: After the race, runners will be shuttled back to where they parked, and we will have a post race bbq with drinks and other snacks. We will also have a post race stretch provided by White Top Yoga of Abingdon, VA. Bring some camping chairs, etc. to take in the scenery and relax after all your hard work. We always make sure there's a great view to reward you with at the end.

Awards: More info to come, but there will be locally made items and gift cards awarded to the top three finishers. We will also give an "UGH" award for the person who is deemed to have suffered the most in the race.  We do not do any separate age category or gender category awards. You're all equally "special" in our mind.

Travel info: There is free camping available at the race site for those that submit a separate application. I will give this information out to those that request it. You may also email me with any other questions you may have about the event or traveling to Abingdon, VA.


Patron Saints

White Top Yoga - Abingdon, VA


Blue Hills Market - Abingdon, VA

Bristol Berry Bowls - Bristol, TN


Salt of the Earth (health spa) - Abingdon, VA

Food City - Abingdon, VA

Dreamland Alpacas - Abingdon, VA

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You have less than a week to prepare

3.5 Mile Run

13 Jul, 2024 (Sat) - 09:00
3.5 mi
1700 ft of elevation gain
On site


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