BADCAT Ultra-Distance Triathlon

Bend, OR, USA
08 Sep, 2023 (Fri)


122 mi, 239 mi

About the event

"awesome, terrible and painful, but amazing"

~ Brian (Alabama)

"Smokin’ hot epic mountain adventure."

~Bob (Idaho)

How did we get here?

This event is the product of over 5 years of work. Originally designed to range across Utah, the event is moving to the Deschutes National Forest in Bend, Oregon, for the 2020 race and going forward. In the 2018 inaugural race our only finishers were a relay team from Alabama. In 2019 we had no finishers. After a lot of conversation and careful planning we decided to move the race and make it easier to manage for participants and their supporters.

We welcome you to the new generation of the Badcat Ultra Distance Triathlon.


For complete information including course maps, please visit The maps are being updated to reflect the new Oregon courses.

As a 239 mile, crew-supported point-to-point ultra-distance triathlon, the BADCAT is an adventure race for the tough, the gritty, and the goal-oriented. The race consists of 50 kilometers of kayaking, 145 miles of mountain biking, and 100k of trail running. The bike and the run are almost entirely on groomed, single-track trails.

And when you finish, you'll return home knowing you are the baddest cat in your yard. Let'em eat that.

Competitors will be monitored by GPS tracking throughout the race. Officials will be dispersed throughout at various checkpoints.


For complete information including course maps, please visit The maps are being updated to reflect the new, Oregon courses.

A tamer version of the Big One, this short course version features a 122 mile, crew-supported point-to-point adventure. The short course consists of 20k of kayaking, 70 miles of mountain biking, and 40 miles of trail running. The course is shared with the 239M competitors but split off to start their run upon reaching Wanoga Snow Park.

As with the long-course, competitors will be monitored by GPS tracking throughout the race. Officials will be dispersed throughout at various checkpoints.


Relay teams will share the course with one person doing the kayak, one person on the bike, one person closing it out with the run. Team-mates will tag out at the Transitions. Relay team members may crew for their team in addition to racing.

Relay racing is available in both the long-course and short-course events.


For true endurance badasses we bring the division of Kings: the Solo. All the way, all on you. You'll be required to bring a crew with you and designate a Crew Chief.


Starting on the Crane Prairie Reservoir, outside Bend, Oregon, racers will kayak clockwise in 7.5mi laps. Paddlers will exit the water and transition to the bike once they've completed their 20 or 50 kilometers.

On the bicycles, racers will ride 70 miles north through the Deschutes National Forest, on some of the best riding trails in the Pacific Northwest. Long course riders will head out and complete a second lap. Camping is encouraged during the bike part. Riders are encouraged to leave the course with their crews as needed (when you leave the course you MUST return to the same point before continuing with the race). Multiple access points are available along the course thanks to close proximity to the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.

All but a few miles of the bike section is on rolling, well-groomed mountain biking trails. Transition 2 will be at Wanoga Snow Park.

Leaving Wanoga the run course is 100 kilometers of single-track trails and fire roads on a 30k loop with multiple access points for aid.

Party at the finish at the Wanoga Snow Park.

Short-course competitors will follow the same route as the long-course with the exceptions being: a 20k kayak course, a 70 mile bike course, and a 40 mile run. Short-course participants will follow exactly the same bike route as the long-course then split off at the first arrival to Wanoga Snow Park.


Each year the cutoffs will be announced on August 15th when the annual rulebook is posted. Expect roughly 17 hours for the kayak, 83 hours for the bike, and 34 hours for the run.

Time may be banked if you're faster on one section and slower on another. I.e. the cutoffs are against the race clock, not your splits. Please see for the offical cutoffs by their time of day.

Qualifying for BADCAT

To enter this race you need to show you can handle it. For Long Course entry you should have completed at least one organized event with searchable results from the following list, on or after Jan 1, 2018:

100M run in under 30 hours, or
100M mountain bike race in under 15 hours, or
Any kayak race longer than 70 miles within the advertised time limit, or
Any 200M run within the advertised time limit.

For Short Course entry these qualifications are accepted:
50M run under 13 hours; or
Full Ironman (tm) in the time limit (bonus for multiple finishes).
We'll consider a lot of things for the Short Course, so message us and we'll look at it

For relay teams any number of qualifications are reasonable. Examples:
Finished a 50k run or longer; or
Finished a Half-Ironman(tm) or longer; or
Finished a mountain bike race of 40 miles or longer.

*Other qualifications will be considered on a case by case basis, but please email the RD [email protected] before submitting your application for entry. Thanks!


Registration for 2021 is now open.

Qualifications/resume will be weighed prior to your acceptance to the competition. Your initial registration is a place-holder. You won't be charged the full entry fee until we accept you and notify you of acceptance.

Registration will remain open until August 15th.

Relay teams (long-course): $495
Solo Athletes (long-course): $285

Relay teams (short course): $415
Solo Athletes (short-course): $185

Most of the cost is going toward the GPS trackers. Obviously there's a lot of logistics. We did our best to keep the price down.

Races offered by this event

122 Mile - Relay

08 Sep, 2023 (Fri)
122 mi
Relay (3)
On site
Single loop

122 Miler

08 Sep, 2023 (Fri)
122 mi
On site
Single loop

239 Miler

08 Sep, 2023 (Fri)
239 mi
On site
Single loop