Bergslagsleden in 5 days

Bergslagsleden på 5 dagar

July 21, 2020 Cancelled
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The number for participants for the whole event is capped to 20.


Bergslagsleden på 5 dagar
July 21, 2020 (Tuesday) - 08:00
Trail Running - Stage Race
280 kilometers
5,500 meters
28 Aid Stations
4 ITRA Points
Cut off: 110:00 hours
UTMB qualifier Solo Toilets Shower After Race Meal Finishers Gift Forest Hilly Point to Point Trail

Bergslagsleden på fem dagar (Bergslagsleden in five days) is an all inclusive running-race along the 280km long Bergslagsleden-trail. It starts in the North at Kloten and finishes close to lake Vättern at Stenkällegården.

The trail passes many historical sites, beautiful panorama views and several National Parks. The trail is mainly single track and partly very technical but also includes shorter sections of gravel roads, tarmac etc. During the five days runners will do a total of 5500 meters of elevation. Runners will compete in pairs and need to stick together all the time for safety reasons.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 20.


Jul 21 2020 : Partly cloudy throughout the day.
9.1°C - 18.8°C (48.3°F - 65.8°F)

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