Cayuga Trails 50

Edition 13

Ithaca, NY, USA
01 Jun, 2024 (Sat)

Trail running

50 km, 50 mi

About the event

From continuous and sometimes steep ebbs and flows, waterfalls cascading through slot gorges, single track to runnable park service trails, creek crossings to historic stone stair cases that test the limits of lower extremities, the Cayuga Trails 50's are truly a gem.

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01 Jun, 2024 (Sat) - 06:00
Trail running
50 mi
On site


01 Jun, 2024 (Sat) - 08:00
Trail running
50 km
On site
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Results for the 2014 Cayuga Trails 50, USATF 2014 50 Mile Trail Championship

04 Jun, 2014 (Wed)

Credit : andyarthur This year the Cayuga Trails 50 hosted the USATF 2014 50 Mile Trail Championship. The race was held in the beautiful trails around Ithaca, NY. The route has about 10,000 feet of elevation change (climb/descend) and takes the runners in and out steep gorges and along gorgeous falls including the Lucifer Falls. Chris Vargo dominated the field and won the race in 06:57. He had a 5-minute lead over Tristan Williams (Tristan Williams). Matthew Flaherty took the third place in 07:15. Magdalena Boulet claimed the ladies title by completing the course in 08:22. Nearly half an hour later, Kristin Moehl (08:51) took the second place. The third place went to Jacqueline Palmer (08:57). You can find a complete report on Scott Dunlap’s blog Top 10 Men 1 Chris Vargo 06:57 2 Tristan Williams 07:02 3 Matthew Flaherty 07:15 4 Yassine Diboun 07:19 5 Benjamin Nephew 07:29 6 Zachary Ornelas 07:31 7 Cole Crosby 07:46 8 Chad Trumbo 07:49 9 Jim Mollosky 07:51 10 Iain Ridgway 07:55 Top 10 Ladies 1 Magdalena Boulet 08:22 2 Kristin Moehl 08:51 3 Jacqueline Palmer 08:57 4 Karen Holland 09:04 5 Amy Rusiecki 09:12 6 Darcy Lucas 09:13 7 Keila Merino 09:17 8 Ashley Moyer 09:28 9 Kristina Folcik 09:30 10 Chantal Warriner 09:34 Complete results for the 2014 Cayuga Trails 50
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