This event is rescheduled from 19 Mar, 2022 (Sat)

Dugi Otok Trail

Edition 5

Sali, Croatia
28 May, 2022 (Sat)
Event size: 100 - 999 participants

Trail running

10 km, 24 km, 40 km

About the event

Join us on the island of great diversity and contrasts, the largest one in the northern Dalmatian island group. Here where the coast is characterized by sharp contrasts such as steep and stunning rocks of Telašćica Nature Park to the quiet lagoons and sandy beaches where you can enjoy in pristine nature and sea. These are the main reasons why the park gained the status of significant Croatian landscape.

Dugi Otok has a rich cultural heritage and history evidenced through archaeological sites all over the island that speak of its usage since prehistoric times. Numerous archaeological findings are reflected in the Liburnian settlement ruins and grave mounds, ancient villas, early Christian and medieval churches.

If you wonder why this trail is significantly different from any other island race where you already ran, and if you are hesitant whether to participate to the race or not, we will convince you that this island jewel is work of nature for outdoor activities.

The fair of island crafted products and festivities are common and essential parts of this small community which you’ll be able to experience at the finish. If you didn’t know, festivities in Dugi Otok are well-known for its “kick” in good food, great donkey race, and live music till the morning.

Races offered by this event

Red 40km

28 May, 2022 (Sat) - 08:00
Trail running
40 km
1130 m Elevation gain
On site

Bay Green 11km

28 May, 2022 (Sat) - 10:00
Trail running
10 km
440 m Elevation gain
Bay Green trail is passing the same route as Cliff Blue category, up to Mir bay. It goes around small town Sali, passing through the centuries old olive gardens and fields, next to numerous historical remains of small chapels, graves, ruins and beautiful bays.

Telašćica Nature Park reveals phenomena, Telašćica lagoon, cliffs of Dugi Otok and Mir bay.

The so called Stene, cliff giants that rise higher than 200 meters over the sea level and dive deep as 90 meters under sea will guide you to Mir bay where is the race finish . At finish line all competitors will board on a boat and enjoy a boat ride back to Sali and its beautiful archipelago.

*Boat ride schedule will be given at finish line in Mir bay, also can be seen on start in Sali.
On site

Cliff Blue 24km

28 May, 2022 (Sat) - 10:00
Trail running
24 km
690 m Elevation gain
Cliff Blue trail leads you to the most beautiful parts of this Island where you’ll pause on each kilometer to breathe in this beauty, cultural and historical heritage.

The trail will take you through centuries-old olive gardens that still witness one of the most important activities of local population. Besides olive trees, you’ll see scattered monuments, churches and ruins, and will visit numerous bays that will enchant you with incredible purity of the sea.

Telašćica Nature Park offers more than any other park; three phenomena- Telašćica lagoon, cliffs of Dugi Otok and Lake Mir known as salt lake. Telašćica bay, as one of the safest, the most beautiful and the largest natural ports in the Adriatic is an attractive anchorage for numerous sailors.

The so called Stene are the most famous sea cliffs on the island and at some parts they are taller than 160 meters, while they fall down deeper than 90 meters bellow the sea surface. Trail itself runs across those cliffs so in this particular place caution is needed.

Skrača is another locality, phenomenon of our island. Skrača are a specific stone figures in form of little men or dwarfs, which were created spontaneously by passengers that were passing by. Now there are over thousand figures.

The Trail leads to the lake Mir, one of the rare salt lakes in Europe. Through numerous underground cracks lake is filled with salt water from the sea and in the summer the lake temperature reaches even 33 Celsius degrees.
On site

Dugi Otok Trail

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