Eau Claire Beer Mile

Eau Claire, WI, USA
06 Aug, 2022 (Sat)


1 mi

About the event

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Eau Claire Beer Mile is back for the 8th year!

Join us for the race, comradery, (hopefully) nice weather, and downright shenanigans! A uniquely Eau Claire event hosted by the Eau Claire Hash House Harriers in partnership with the Fox Run Tavern.

Feel free to show up to watch, participate, socialize, or even sign up on a whim! Whacky clothing/costumes are encouraged! Can anyone top John Bachmann’s suits???

Event Schedule

1:00 pm – Arrive at Fox Run, sign up for your races, buy beverages, socialize.

1:50 pm – Prerace announcements, rules, National Anthem

2:05 pm – Full Beer Mile

2:45 pm – Half Beer Mile

3:30 pm – Tower Relay

4:15 pm – Awards Ceremony

Rules and descriptions of each race are below.

Please share this event with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else who may be interested!

- There is NO entry fee!


- ALL beverages must be purchased at Fox Run.


*Full Beer Mile*
-Participants must purchase 4 beers. The beers must be 5% ABV. The most common choices are Budweiser, High Life, MGD, and PBR. Because we are racing in a recreational area, no bottles, cans only. 
-While consuming the beer, the can may not be altered in any way (no shotguns, beer bongs, pouring in cups, etc.).
-After consumption, tip the can over your head to show the can is empty. 
-Order is as follows: Drink Beer 1, Run Lap 1 (0.25 miles) around the kickball fields, Drink Beer 2, Run Lap 2, Drink Beer 3, Run Lap 3, Drink Beer 4, Run Lap 4.
-If you puke, you must run one additional penalty lap. After Lap 4 you will continue and do a Lap 5. There is no additional drinking required for the penalty lap.

*Half Beer Mile*
-Participants must purchase 2 beers. The beers may be whatever you'd like, but it must be beer.
-The race is the same as the Full Beer Mile but you are only drinking half of your beer each time. Participants run one full 0.25 mile lap after each drinking session. The half beer mile is a full mile of running, but only half the amount of beer.

*Open Mile*
-There are literally no rules for this race. No lap requirement and no beverage requirement. You may do zero laps or 20 laps. You may have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 11 drinks. You may have beer, shots, wine, soda, milk, water, or anything else. You may consume your beverage of choice however you'd like, except no glass bottles.

*4-Person Tower Relay*
-This is a four-person relay race. Each runner is required to consume one drink and run one lap. 
-Teams will be drawn from a hat, as in years past.  
-The four drinks are beer, shot, wine, and mixed drink.
-The exact drink does not matter and each team may select whatever order they'd like.



Races offered by this event

Beer Mile

06 Aug, 2022 (Sat) - 13:00
1 mi
On site