GrindFest Progression Run

Milwaukee, WI, USA
23 Dec, 2022 (Fri)


About the event


GrindFest 2022 will be held on Friday December 23rd


Since 2013, runners from across the Midwest have gathered to celebrate the end of the year with a one-of-a-kind event: an indoor, last-person-standing progression run! 

Hosted on the Pettit National Ice Center's 443m track, runners speed up every 3 laps (0.84 miles), until they can't go any faster. With two options for when to start progressing (~6:30 or ~6:10), runners keep running as long as they can hang with the ever increasing pace. When it's down to the final pack, The Bell will be rung and a 3 lap first-to-the-finish race to determine the top places is on. 

GrindFest promises to be a blast for all, from runners to spectators, with prizes for the most creative and fastest teams, the athletes who run furthest in an ugly sweater, a prediction contest, and of course, the coveted Mom of the Year award. 

Check out our website, for more information. 

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Last person standing

23 Dec, 2022 (Fri) - 19:00
Running - Last man standing
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GrindFest Progression Run