Grit OCR: East Walker Ranch

Santa Clarita, CA, USA
04 May, 2024 (Sat)

Obstacle race

5.5 mi, 8.5 mi


About the event

The Grit OCR race is an endurance and obstacle race designed to challenge you to dig deep and push yourself to new heights of physical endurance and accomplishments. Experience Grit's signature obstacles testing your core, grip, and endurance strength combined with intense running and climbing in beautiful scenic locations.

Each year we mix up the races to bring you a unique race experience that is unlike anything else, combining trail running, hill climbs, signature obstacle challenges, the best medals, patches, and swag, not to mention the best aid-station support you will ever see at an obstacle course race, an awesome race festival with a huge photo wall and beer garden, and our incredible crew support and passion to bring you the best race experience you'll ever have! 

Get ready for the 6th annual Grit OCR race at East Walker Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA. An amazing location that is perfect for Grit's signature obstacle course race (OCR) experience. A challenging race that digs deep to push yourself to new levels of physical endurance, testing your core and grip strength in one of Southern California's favorite races that combine trail running with awesome obstacle challenges. 

East Walker Ranch is a hidden gem located in the epic mountains north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, California. Featuring amazing trails, punishing obstacles, killer hills, epic panoramic views, and finish with an awesome race festival. Grab your friends and family, and get ready for the ultimate race experience! 

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Races offered by this event

You have 21 weeks to prepare

CLAW Competitive

04 May, 2024 (Sat) - 07:00
Obstacle race
8.5 mi

FANG Competitive

04 May, 2024 (Sat) - 07:00
Obstacle race
5.5 mi
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