Holy Gravel - Die Auferstehung

Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg, Germany
17 Jun, 2023 (Sat)

Gravel biking

750 km

About the event

Holy Gravel - Die Auferstehung- 550 or 750 km Gravel Deluxe im Norden - Powered by FC Sankt Pauli Radsport

Winter 2021, the last chapter was written, the circle of the four seasons was closed, the fourth book ended.

But when your three apostles of the holy gravel wanted to pay homage to the four books, they found that the books had disappeared.

How could that be?
Where did they go?
They were written.
They were closed!

The three apostles ran home and turned their backs on the world, too confused to think clearly.

Strengthened with pumpkin stew and cold hops, they set out to shed their ritual impurity.

Should there be a fifth chapter? Were the books resurrected? That couldn't be. You yourself were there when the fourth book was closed! And yet there could be no other explanation.

Carrying out countless procedures and rituals - including washing each other's feet - demanded everything from them.

Suddenly the sacred track flame lit up above their heads and they all started talking at once:

Into the wild
En plein nature
στην έρημο
no deserto
well pustkowie
çölün içine
in deserto
Into the wild

Was that the fifth book?
Of course!

Inspired, they set out to discover new wild parts of northern Germany - and they found what they were looking for:
550/750 kilometers of the finest, sacred trail fun await you. Seas, hills, lakes, rivers, solitude.

Be part of the resurrection of the Holy Gravel around Midsummer 2023!

Rüm hart – klaar kiming!

Races offered by this event

Holy Gravel - Die Auferstehung

17 Jun, 2023 (Sat) - 10:00
Gravel biking - Bikepacking
750 km
5.5 km Elevation gain
Race size: 100 - 249 participants
On site
Out & back
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