Isle of Man, Mountain-Ultra

5th edition

Race Route
You are strongly advised to reconnoitre the route before race day. It must not be construed that permission to use all sections of the route makes them a public right of way.

Compulsory sections are in bold print. Failure to observe these will mean automatic disqualification.

The following sections are on private land. Other than race day access is only allowed if the permission of the landowners is sought.

Injebreck Farm.
Kerrow Ny Glough Farm from the mountain wall to Greeba Bridge
From the Slieau Whallian right of way track through Carnagrie Farm to Garey Gate
To North Barrule Unmanned Punch (1) – From Market Sq. right at Queens Promenade and continue along to Stanley Mount Road and Ballure Road to Ballure Reservoir Road gr. 456935. Cross over dam wall and take left trail to access Old Douglas Road (Hibernian Green Way Path).Ascend Old Douglas Road to its junction with the Rhowin Road at gr. 456922 Cross over Rhowin Road and proceed through fields to gate at gr. 453917 (behind property called Dreemlang) Must use this gate – Do not climb over the mountain wall. Ascend to North Barrule. Summit gr. 444909

To Clagh Ouyr Unmanned punch (2) – South ridge run to most southerly cairn on Clagh Ouyr – gr.415889

To Snaefell Unmanned punch (3) – Flagged route to the Mountain Road. Cross at the marshal’s position, ascend Snaefell – gr.398882

To the Bungalow SAFETY CHECK (1) (drinks) – Easterly descent to the Bungalow – gr.396866.

To Beinn-Y-Phott Unmanned punch (4) – Go over stile and follow fence parallel to the Mountain Road as far as the Brandywell Road. Competitors must not run on the Mountain road. Ascend the path to Beinn Y Phott summit – gr.383860.

To Carraghyn Unmanned punch (5) – South crossing the Millennium Way ascend the most southerly cairn on Carraghyn summit – gr.369849.

To the Injebreck Farm SAFETY CHECK (2) (drinks) – Descend to the west keeping right of the plantation, over the stream and up to the flagged gate. Follow the path to Injebreck Farm – gr.355847

To Colden Unmanned punch (6) – Left then right into field, follow the flagged route to cross stream Ascend to Colden summit – gr.343844.

To Slieau Ruy Unmanned punch (7) – South west skirting Lhergee Ruy. Ascend Slieau Ruy – gr.328824.

To Greeba Summit Unmanned punch (8) – West/south dog leg ridge run to Greeba summit – gr.317817.

To the Greeba Bridge. Follow the flagged route through Kerrow-ny-Glough Farm to Greeba Bridge – gr. 301810.

To St Johns –SAFETY CHECK (3) (drinks) West along Peel Road to the marshall at Ballachurry Road. Down Ballachurry Road to the Old Railway line then West, crossing Curragh Road to the Old Railway Station car park at St Johns – gr. 277818

To Slieau Whuallian Unmanned punch (9) – Left out of the car park, first right then first left up Back Slieau Whuallian Road, right into main plantation entrance. Follow the flags to the top of the plantation. Follow the ridge to the Slieau Whuallian summit – gr.265805.

To Garey Gate SAFETY CHECK (drinks)– Flagged route and track through Carnagrie Farm to Garey Gate – gr.255791

To South Barrule Unmanned punch (10) – Left along the road to Cross Vein Mines and the Round Table Rd.

Through the flagged gate on the Round Table Road and ascend to South Barrule summit – gr.257759.

To Round Table X-Roads SAFETY CHECK (5) (drinks) –Descend south on path, branch off right for the X-Roads – gr.246757

To Cronk Ny Arrey Laa Unmanned punch (11) – Follow path through Cronk Fedjag to the right of the Round Table Road, through two kissing gates at gr. 233747 and ascend to Cronk ny Arrey Laa summit – gr.224746

To Sloc SAFETY CHECK (drinks) – Public footpath descends to Sloc – gr.217734.

To Lhiatee ny Beinee Unmanned punch (12) At the Sloc continue on the Raad ny Foillan ascending Lhiatee ny Beinee gr. 212728.

To Fleshwick SAFETY CHECK (7) (drinks) continue on the public footpath and descend to Fleshwick Shore. Left up road to safety check. gr201713

To Bradda Cairn Unmanned punch (13) – Ascend public footpath to Bradda Cairn – gr.197715

To finish. Follow coastal path with caution. On approaching Bradda Tower follow flagged section to Coronation Path.
Right at end of Coronation Path to finish at the grassed area on Port Erin Upper Promenade.


Isle of Man Mountain Race
July 08, 2017 (Saturday) - 07:30
Trail Running
28 kilometers
1,800 meters
Hilly Mountain Range Trail
Isle of Man Mountain Ultra
July 08, 2017 (Saturday) - 07:30
Trail Running
51 kilometers
2,500 meters
Cut off: 17:30 hours
Hilly Mountain Range Trail
The number for participants for the race is capped to 200.


Jul 08 2017 : Partly cloudy starting in the evening.
13.6°C - 16.2°C (56.5°F - 61.2°F)

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