Lake Michigan RTS (Road, Trail, Sand)

Laketown Township, MI, USA
15 Jul, 2023 (Sat)


10 km

About the event

The toughest race you'll ever love returns Saturday, July 15th.


Lake Michigan RTS combines Road, Trail, and Sand to provide a truly unique 10k race experience along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Whether you’re a road racer looking to mix things up a bit, an avid trail runner, or just a running adventurer, this race has something for you. The best part? All proceeds benefit P.O.R.T. through Helen DeVos Children's Hospital Foundation.


The mission of P.O.R.T. (Pediatric Oncology Resource Team) is to support families with children facing a life threatening cancer or blood disorder diagnosis.

  Start and Finish


There will be one start at 8:30am and runners will finish at the same location as the start line. 




Please be aware that this is a challenging race - it will start out on the road, head into hilly trails, and through soft dune sand at a steep incline. Participation by those younger than 16 is discouraged.


Much of the Lake Michigan RTS course runs through private property. We are granted easement for the event only. Out of respect for the privacy of the landowners, we are not permitted to publish a detailed course map. 


On Course Water/Hydration:


All participants are required to carry their own hydration during the race. There will be water to fill your bottle/hydration system at the start of the race, but participants are encouraged to come with a fully filled hydration system. Boxed water will be available at the finish line.


It can be very hot on the course - especially in the dune bowl. Participants MUST have a hydration system, water bottle, or other method to carry water with them in order to be allowed to start the race.

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