Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

Kathmandu, Nepal
12 Nov, 2024 (Tue)
Event size: 0 - 99 participants

Trail running

168 km

About the event

This is an adventurous and tough 10 days in the mountains in some of Nepal's most beautiful Himalayan landscapes. It is a total of 168 m over 7 race days with 3 rest/connecting trek days. You'll cross a 5000m pass, sleep in monasteries, visit the Tibetan border, visit Manaslu basecamp and race against other competitors on some super trails.

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You have 48 weeks to prepare

Manaslu Trail Race

12 Nov, 2024 (Tue) - 09:00
Trail running - Stage race
168 km
10970 m Elevation gain
Race size: 0 - 99 participants
On site
Point to point
Mountain range
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