Morocco Backyard Ultra

Edition 3

Salé, Morocco
16 Sep, 2023 (Sat)

Trail running

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About the event

The One Backyard Ultra is a challenging event that is part of the official races of the legendary Backyard Ultra. This race does not reward the swiftest athlete, but rather the most clever and enduring one. The Backyard Ultra involves running a distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in an hour or less, followed by a period of recovery for the next hour’s race.

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You have 14 weeks to prepare

Morocco Backyard Ultra

16 Sep, 2023 (Sat) - 18:00
Trail running - Last man standing
6 km loop
On site
Multiple loops
Eco friendly

Course details

Course highlights

The route is a 6.706 km loop Created by Lazarus Lake, the organizer of the famous and mythical Barkley in Tennessee, the principle is very simple: The course is a loop of 6.706 km. Every hour, the admitted runners will start the loop, which they will have to do and redo, always within 60 minutes, until only one and last runner remains on the track. If you complete the loop before one hour, you can rest while waiting for the next loop to start. Example: if you complete the 1st loop in 45 minutes, you have 15 minutes before the next start. If you complete the loop in 58 minutes, you will only have 2 minutes of rest before the next departure. The goal is simple: make as many loops as possible within the time limit. The winner is the last person left on the track. It should make a single loop on its own. ``The winner is the only finisher of the event``

Start address

Salé, Morocco

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
Finisher medal
Goodie bag
Event T-shirts
Photo Service
Video Service
Shuttle from Airport
Drink Stations
Medical Assistance
Accident insurance

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