NYC Summer Half Marathon

New York, NY, USA
05 Aug, 2023 (Sat)


13.1 mi

About the event

A chip-timed race through beautiful Central Park.  The course covers the northern loop with the start at 96th Street and West Drive, running south and crossing on Terrace Drive until you get to East Drive and run north.  The finish is in the 102nd Street Transverse, the same location where packet pick up is located.  Running only lanes are clearly marked.  Run two and a half loops. Leave your valuables with the race team at the finish line and then go to the start line, a five minute jog. 

Central Park is the heart of Manhattan, runners from all over the world come here for an experience that locals cherish.  Be prepared to experience this place for your first time or umpteenth time with the challenge of our times. 

The race will include full support on the course, water, Gatorade, and power gels, distributed at several points on the course providing multiple opportunities for access during the race. Splits will be provided at seven points on the course. 

Run with your phone and headphones and use the RaceJoy app to get auditory course guidance, mile, and pace announcements, and so that your friends can watch your progress as well as send you cheers while you run.  Afterward, pick up your unique runner's jersey and finishers medal.  

A great time to go the distance in a beautiful setting, perfect for a mid-summer racing experience in 2021.  


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You have 9 weeks to prepare

Half Marathon

05 Aug, 2023 (Sat) - 08:00
13.1 mi
On site

NYC Summer Half Marathon