Quad Killer VK

Benton City, WA, USA
02-03 Oct, 2022 (Sun - Mon)

Trail running

5 km

About the event

The Quad Killer is a vertical kilometer foot race... with a couple of twists. The trail that will be used is in Benton City, WA at the Horse Heaven Hills Recreation Area (i.e. McBee trails). After a couple of years scouring the Tri-Cities area, this is the only trail that could be found to hold a VK race on. Since we don't have 3 mile long hills around here, this trail is short enough and steep enough to allow meeting the VK criteria (1 km elevation gain in 5 km distance) with hill repeats.

Participants will need to climb the trail 5 times and descend it 4 times, thus you start at the bottom and finish at the top. From experience, the crux of this race is not the elevation gain - it is the descents... hence the race name. Due to how steep and narrow the trail is, it was decided to allow participants to do the event anytime within a 2-week window, which will limit the carnage that would occur with people passing one another. As such, you will need to self-time with a GPS device so the results can be verified.

After the event is over and we've received and tallied all the results, we will give away some Fabulous Prizes. The top Female and Male finishers will get a prize, and the rest of the prizes will be distributed randomly. That means that you DON'T have to be a speedster in order to win something awesome and fun!

Races offered by this event

Quad Killer Vertical Kilometer

03 Oct, 2022 (Mon) - 06:00
Trail running - Vertical race
5 km0 mi loop
3310 ft Elevation gain2648 ft Elevation drop
Race size: 100 - 249 participants
On site
Multiple loops
Single track

Quad Killer VK


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