Rim Runner Trail Races

Sewanee, TN, USA
01-02 Apr, 2023 (Sat - Sun)

Trail running

25 mi, 50 mi, 100 mi

About the event

Just a few miles South of the Perimeter Trail are two hidden gems. Rim Runner showcases Franklin State Forest's West Rim and West Side trails (a 20 mile loop) and the Sherwood Forest trail in South Cumberland State Park (2.6 mile loop). This race is happening early in the Spring so we’re able to see through the trees and over the rim of the cove and also so the creeks and waterfalls can be flowing at their best. The 6am race start time is intentional so you get over to the East side of the course for the sunrise and many people (in the 50 and 100 mile ultramarathon distances) will hopefully be on the West side for the sunset.
Covid/Safety Precautions

Our permits were approved including the possibility that the race would be held under some form of public health restrictions. As that is always in flux, details will be released closer to the event date. Regardless of the conditions on that day, we will be adopting some precautions at all events that we feel are prudent for the general health of everyone. Most notably, food at aid stations will be single-served or served by a volunteer. Volunteers will be gloved when handling any food directly. For us, the days of everyone's dirty hands in food bowls are over. These are basic health code guidelines that races have historically been very lax about.


Start/Finish: Franklin State Forest

From Chattanooga: 50 minutes West
From Nashville: 1.5 hours Southeast
From Huntsville: 1.5 hours Northeast
From Knoxville: 2.5 hours West


25 miler = 3,250ft, 5 aid stations. One 20 mile loop, one 2.6 mile loop, 3 miles of gravel.
50 miler = 6,500ft, 11 aid stations. Two 20 mile loops, two 2.6 mile loops, 6 miles of gravel.
100 miler = 13,000ft, 23 aid stations. Four 20 mile loops, four 2.6 mile loops, 12 miles of gravel.
The course is very runnable. Really cool rim running for many miles. A stone bridge is on the course! A few nice creeks, small bridges and even a waterfall/swimming hole right off the course.

Link to check out the course profile.
Link for GPX.


30 hour cutoff for 100s. 14 hours for 25 and 50 milers.
Aid stations are plentiful. The longest carry is 7 miles. Normal ultra foods provided.
Crew can access the Start/Finish line and the Sherwood Forest trailhead only! There is barely room for volunteer parking at the other aid stations.
Pacers are allowed for 100 milers starting at mile 50. Pacers, like crew, are only allowed at Sherwood Forest and the Start/Finish. You cannot start or end pacing in the middle of the big loop. Collect your pacer bib(s) at checkin. Pacers must check in and out with aid stations when entering or leaving the course.
Drop bags will be kept at the Start/Finish area (mile 25/50/75) or the South aid station (mile 8/33/58/83).


25/50 Milers: I'm breaking apart old whiskey barrels, cutting the staves (the walls) into pieces, sanding and finishing them and then branding the race initials into the wood.
100 Milers: I've got a welder over in Idaho making your buckles. Two layers of steel with four Xs across the middle to mark each of the four loops you completed. You've been distilled four times and are 100% pure ultrarunner! Congratulations!
Sub 24 hour 100 milers: Your buckle is marked with golden Xs.
Podium Finishers: You'll be getting gold, silver and bronze versions of the staves.

Races offered by this event

100 Miler

01 Apr, 2023 (Sat) - 06:00
Trail running
100 mi
On site
Multiple loops
Mountain range

50 Miler

02 Apr, 2023 (Sun) - 06:00
Trail running
50 mi
On site
Multiple loops
Mountain range

25 Miler (Marathon)

02 Apr, 2023 (Sun) - 06:00
Trail running
25 mi
On site
Single loop
Mountain range

Rim Runner Trail Races

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