Shawangunk Ridge Trail Run/Hike

Rosendale, NY, USA
09 Sep, 2023 (Sat)

Trail running

21.1 km, 30 mi, 70 mi

About the event

Welcome to the Shawangunk Ridge Trail

The Shawangunk Ridge Trail (SRT) is a 70-mile trail that traverses the entire length of the Shawangunk Mountains, from High Point State Park in New Jersey, where the SRT intersects the Appalachian Trail, all the way to the town of Rosendale, New York, where the trail ends just beyond a restored railroad trestle 140 feet above the Rondout Creek.

Along the way, the SRT passes through rolling hills, wetlands, rare dwarf pine barrens, sky lakes, waterfalls, and the distinctive white conglomerate cliffs of the Shawangunk mountains uplifted almost three hundred million years ago.

From vantage points in these mountains, some 2,000 feet above the Hudson Valley, you’ll experience views that cover five states and reach more than 100 miles on a clear day. Because of its scenic beauty and rare ecosystems, the Nature Conservancy has identified this ridgeline as “one of Earth’s last great places.”

We created this event to celebrate the preservation of the Shawangunk Mountains, or the “Gunks” as they are also called, and to encourage people to come out and experience the beauty of this unique ridgeline.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail Run includes three separate divisions, which are designed to appeal a range of athletic abilities. The 1/2 marathon and 30-mile divisions are suitable for fast hikers as well as runners, but please note that the 70-mile division is only for seasoned trail runners.

For more information, including the Participant Guide, rules, and information on the SRT, please visit the event website .

Start Lines, Times and Shuttle Buses

70 Mile
Race start: 6:30pm, Friday, Sep 11th
Start Location: High Point Monument, High Point State Park, NJ (GPS 41.322028, -74.660673)
Shuttle bus leaves muni lot behind Rosendale Theater: 4:30pm (GPS 41.844939, -74.082140)

30 Mile
Race start: 9:00am, Saturday, Sep 12th
Start Location: Sam's Point Preserve Visitors Center, Cragsmoor, NY (GPS 41.670158, -74.361666)
Shuttle bus leaves Binnewater parking area: 7:45am (GPS 41.848338, -74.088190)

Half Marathon
Race start: 10:30am, Saturday, Sep 12th
Start Location: Peter's Kill Area, Minnewaska State Park (GPS 41.738692, -74.217885)
Shuttle bus leaves Binnewater parking area: 9:35am (GPS 41.848338, -74.088190)


70-milers who reach checkpoint #3 (route 52) before 5:00 AM will be held up and released at 5:00 AM, with any waiting time deducted from their finishing time.

70-milers must pass checkpoint #3 (route 52) by 11:30 AM

70 and 30-milers must pass checkpoint #4 (Jenny Lane/Rt 44-55) by 4:30 PM

All participants must pass checkpoint #5 (Coxing Kill parking area) by 6:30 PM

All participants must pass checkpoint #6 (Spring Farm) by 8:30 PM

The race concludes at 12:00 AM (midnight)

Interactive course map showing start points, finish, and checkpoint locations available HERE.

Warning: Minimalist Format

The event has multiple checkpoints to ensure participant safety, but it is unsupported: you must bring your own food and water filter (or other water purification technology)

The trail is well blazed, but there will be no supplemental markings. Runners in particular must pay attention to blazes to avoid missing a turn. No special navigational skills are required, but we strongly recommend you download the Trail Conference's free map app ( for your Android or iPhone and then download the free "SRT Run/Hike 2018" map.

Be advised this is a rugged hiking trail that traverses a wide variety of terrain. Some sections are rocky, with difficult footing, squeezes, or scrambles.

No pacers, no support crew, no drop bags, no resupply caches allowed. Carry it in, carry it out.


• Distinctive SRT tech t-shirts for all registered participants
• High quality finishers medals
• Special "barefoot" badge for runners wearing sandals or Vibram Five Fingers or barefoot
• Completion certificates for 70-mile finishers
• Ceremonial tomahawks for first place male and female in each division


Event parking is in Rosendale only (see Start Lines, Times and Shuttle Buses section above for details).

IMPORTANT: Unless you're being dropped off by a friend or family member at your respective start line, you'll need to ride our shuttle bus. If that's the case with you, don't forget to add a Shuttle Bus ticket during the checkout process.


Sorry, there are no refunds due to cancellations, and no deferrals or transfers.

Optional Donations to NY-NJ Trail Conference

As part of the registration process, please consider making an optional donation to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the not-for-profit organization which created the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and whose volunteers maintain the SRT and 2,000+ miles of other trails in the Hudson Valley. If you love trails, please contact the race director for how to get involved in this organization

Races offered by this event

You have 14 weeks to prepare

70 Miler

09 Sep, 2023 (Sat)
Trail running
70 mi
3 ft Elevation gain
On site

30 Miler

09 Sep, 2023 (Sat)
Trail running
30 mi
1 ft Elevation gain
On site

1/2 Marathon

09 Sep, 2023 (Sat)
Trail running
21.1 km
On site

Shawangunk Ridge Trail Run/Hike