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Suffer Better Ride n' Tie

Edition 2

Pine, CO, USA
14 May, 2022 (Sat)

Bike & run

20 mi

About the event

Grab a partner and join the fun!

Back in the day, when the first ride and tie was organized, in 1971, to promote Levi Strauss of all things, it involved two trail runners and a horse, with the team members alternating running and riding over the lengthy mountain course.  Runner and rider made the decision when to switch on their own, depending upon the terrain and the strengths of each participant.  While ride and ties, two runners and a horse, are still offered, the two runners and a shared mountain bike option is now also becoming more popular.  Our Suffer Better Ride ‘n Tie is of this latter Run & Mountain Bike variety; we just don't know that many horses.  And rather than have the team determine when and where the transitions take place, we will again have designated transition spots, where the runner switches to the bike and the rider becomes the runner.  Each segment will be approximately 5 miles, the total course measuring 20 miles, with 3 distinct transition points.  The team will start together and finish only when both the runner and rider cross the final finish line.

Teams can be all male, all female, or co-ed.  We'll be giving awards to the top team in each category.  

Our 2nd annual Ride 'n Tie will be back on the beautiful run and ride-friendly trails at Staunton State Park, with the start and finish at the Mason Creek parking lot.  


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Suffer Better 2nd Annual Ride n' Tie

14 May, 2022 (Sat) - 08:00
Bike & run
20 mi
Team effort (2)
On site
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