Little Su 50K
February 18, 2017 (Saturday) - 11:00
50 kilometers
Snow Trail

The Little Su 50K Course now begins at the Point Mackenzie General Store as described in the following section ‘Getting to the Starting Line’.

The Susitna 100 and the Little Su 50K follow basically the same route from the start to Flat Horn Lake with only a short deviation. To make the 50K the correct distance, the course does not go by the Nome sign.

This does make it possible to go to Flat Horn Lake,
which has long been a Su 100 mile checkpoint. At
Flat Horn Lake 50K racers
have the option to visit Kirk and Peggy’s
checkpoint where 100 mile racers have enjoyed warmth and hospitality for many years, or, you may proceed directly to the inbound exit on Flat Horn Lake. The optional visit to Kirk and Peggy’s will add about one and one-half miles to the overall 50K Race distance.

At Flat Horn Lake the two routes separate and the Susitna 100 heads on to the Dismal Swamp and
the Susitna River beyond. Little Su racers will
head back to the warmth of the Start at the Point Mackenzie General Store over a different trail to complete a ‘lollipop’.

Susitna 100
February 18, 2017 (Saturday) - 09:00
100 miles
Iditarod Trail Invitational qualifier Snow Trail

The Susitna 100 is a ski, foot, or bike race held on packed snowmachine trails in the Susitna River valley, north of Anchorage.

The current 100-mile course has evolved through a history of tradition, opportunism, stubbornness, and confusion. Attached to this document is a map that depicts the snaky ‘lollipop’ that is the Susitna 100 course. The rivers and lakes that are named in this description can be oriented to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Tyonek Quadrangle, should the truly curious want a clearer picture of what the course looks like in, say, mid-July. In February, however, this country is reduced to two colors, white and green, and is typically framed by a blue sky. Thanks to drifting snow, the region’s shallow topography is barely distinguishable. This classic rendering of winter in simple colors and contours is marred only the intrusion of four-foot wide snow machine trails that run for miles across lakes and rivers and through breaks in the tree line. You are grateful for these trails, because they provide the foundation that makes human-powered travel faster than would otherwise be possible.


Feb 18 2017 : Partly cloudy throughout the day.
-9.5°C - -5.2°C (14.9°F - 22.6°F)

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