Proença-a-Nova, Portugal
17 Jan, 2024 (Wed)

Trail running

303 km

About the event

Welcome to the Land of Giants! This unique and indescribable experience begins with a long journey from the highest point in mainland Portugal to the Atlantic Ocean in Nazaré. It is a path of astonishment, of encounter, and of contact with traditions, but also of faith, regardless of belief. In the winter season, nature can be harsh, but thanks to technological advances in protective materials, we can now explore further and challenge ourselves in extreme situations. Join us on this journey and discover what it means to be a giant.

Races offered by this event

You have 16 weeks to prepare

Terra de Gigantes

17 Jan, 2024 (Wed)
Trail running
303 km
11222 m Elevation gain
On site

Course details

Course highlights

303km, 11 222 D +, 74 Hrs Two mandatory conditions for becoming a giant are having a real capacity for autonomy, being self-sufficient, and knowing how to navigate the entire route using GPS equipment. Self-sufficiency , let's define it as the distance you will have to travel between life bases without any support from the organization. Assistance, premeditated, outside the life bases will be penalized with disqualification. There are 6 bases located in strategic locations to allow you comfort and safety. A good pace management will allow you to do the entire route with good rest times. The life bases are spaces where the organization will provide reception and comfort solutions so that you can travel safely and peacefully. These spaces are exclusively for the use of participants and support staff.

Start address

6150 Proença-a-Nova, Portugal

Finish address

Nazaré, Portugal

What’s included in entry

These are included in your entry
GPS tracker
Drink Stations
Photo Service
Post-race meal
Accident insurance
Nutrition Stations
Finisher’s T-shirts
Medical Assistance