The Rock Cobbler

Bakersfield, CA, USA
11 Feb, 2023 (Sat)

Gravel biking

50 mi, 90 mi

About the event

The World Famous Bianchi Rock Cobbler is a stupidly hard mostly dirt ride bordering on a race. The Pebble Cobbler is less stupidly hard but still a true challenge. As always we are passionate and driven to showcase roads, dirt trails, gravel and a VERY challenging route. The Cobbler will be roughly 80-90ish miles and 5700-6700ft+ - of elevation consisting of county asphalt roads, trails, private land, a river, a creek and a ranch (with a makeshift brewery). The Pebbler will be 40-50ish miles and roughly 3500-4000ft+ - of elevation. As is tradition the final routes are announced the week of the event. Both will be very hard but will be very fun, in a very Bakersfield Way.

The rides are designed for a cross/gravel bike with an IRC BOKEN or other IRC tire. Choose your tire width carefully! A mountain bike will work. Don’t be stupid and bring a road bike. NO AERO BARS. You might do pushups, throw water balloons, laugh, cry, suck your thumb, meet Tacoman, ride thru a church and or swim… but you WILL hike with your bike and enjoy cussing us. More than once. It’s a day full of challenges. WE HAVE FUN! There are no categories, but we do award the first male and female finisher of each ride with an extra special prize. When you finish (if you finish) you will know WHY it’s called the Rock Cobbler!

Races offered by this event

You have 2 weeks for training

90 miles

11 Feb, 2023 (Sat)
Gravel biking
90 mi
6700 ft Elevation gain
On site

50 miles

11 Feb, 2023 (Sat)
Gravel biking
50 mi
4000 ft Elevation gain
On site

The Rock Cobbler

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