Z Krewe's 0.5K "Race"

La Marque, TX, USA
06 May, 2023 (Sat)


0.5 km


About the event

Join us for a day (actually more like 10 minutes) of glory, celebration, and participation medals while raising money for a great cause — Galveston County's Food Bank Kidz Pacz Program!   The Details: Z Krewe's 0.5K "Race" - That's not a typo. We mean it... POINT FIVE K -  Z Krewe's 0.5K was created for folks who are NOT ready to go the extra mile. In fact, they aren't even willing to go a mile at all, and barely even a quarter mile ... But our 0.5k'ers are willing to be silly and have a little bit of fun while raising money to help the Galveston County Food Bank's Kidz Pacz Program feed hungry Kidz.  Z Krewe's 0.5K "Race" will incorporate all the typical race elements into a treacherous 1,640 ft "race course". No training or effort is required. This is a ummmm.. "Race" for all the Slackers, Un-Runners, Underachievers and Couch Potatoes! It's OK to take your time and not "race" to the finish line. Everyone will get a medal to show off Monday at the office!  Some Race tips: Get to the starting line early so you can stretch (0.3 miles is nothing to take too lightly)  At the halfway point (that's a whopping .1555555 miles in), enjoy an ice cold adult beverage (or Kiddo Beverage for those under the age of 21) to stay hydrated and down some carbs for energy Celebrate crossing the finish line and receive your "Finisher's Medal" with a FINISHER'S BEER (ROOT BEER - for the Kiddos)!   RACE DAY SCHEDULE: 11:00 am - Packet Pick Up 11:30 am - Test of Endurance Begins! 12:30 pm - Kids 0.5K Begins!


Safety First! A possibly staffed, or not staffed at all, First-Aid Station will be in place, you know, JUST IN CASE. There will be Band-Aids, Alcohol, and donuts in case there is an emergency.


Goodies and Fun Stuff! Let's talk about the GOOD STUFF!!! Your entry fee will get you a bag of swag filled with one of those cool pretentious "Race" Stickers that will say 0.5K, a fabulous T-shirt to prove you were there, and "Finisher Medal" to show off Monday at the office so that everyone can be jealous of your accomplishments! But wait... There's MORE! All Regular & VIP Entry's will also be given a FREE BEER at the Finish Line! IF YOU WANT A T-SHIRT ON RACE DAY - AND WHO DOESN'T WANT ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS - YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO APRIL 1st!!!  REGISTRATIONS AFTER THAT DAY WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED T SHIRTS!!!   Regular Old Joe Entry - "Just like a real NO-LYMPIC ATHLETE" All Finishers will receive a pretentious oval Euro-style 0.5K Race Sticker that you can attach to the rear window of your car to show everyone that a true athlete is behind the wheel. T-Shirt, of course! Cinch Bag - To hold all your Goodies! Finisher Medal - everyone gets recognized for their achievements at this event, no matter how bad they are, because we are all about positivity and self-worth! Finish Line Beer - YES! A FREE BEER!!!   VIP UPGRADE - "GO FOR THE GOLD"  Don't feel like running?  Don't think you can make it the full 656 Steps?  Then you should be a VIP. For an additional $30, you don't even have to run! How awesome is that?! In addition to all that regular Swag listed above, you can hitch a Ride to the Finish Line and sip on Mint Juleps along the way.  Let's be honest - If you have the money to buy your way into to doing nothing, then you should be able to. So go ahead and grab that VIP Entry! In addition to all that Regular Swag (listed above), You will receive: VIP Ride to the Finish Line VIP Lanyard VIP Mint Juleps   NEW FOR 2023 - KIDS 0.5K The Kids 0.5K is for Participants under the age of 21. These ALL STAR Kiddos will receive a Special Medal and a Finish Line ROOT BEER once they reach the Finish Line! (Sorry Kids ... No Alcohol for you!) Shirts are not included with purchase but can be purchased during the online registration.   Virtual Race Option! – “Swag without the effort”. Can’t make the “Race” – Don’t worry about it! You can participate from the comfort of your couch! Virtual Participants will get a t-shirt, the pretentious oval sticker, and a Finisher Medal just like everyone else so you can brag that you are a finisher of the 0.5K and no one will know any different. Brilliant! (All virtual participant names are stored in an encrypted database certified secure by the NSA and will be held in strict confidence and will never be released to the public. Your secret is safe with us.)   Sponsorship Opportunities All the fun stuff aside, we are serious about the end result — to support the Galveston County Food Banks Kidz Pacz Program. The money raised at this event will help provide Kidz in Galveston County weekly snacks and meals during the summer months when School Lunches are not available for them. And we'd really like your help! As a sponsor, your business will be associated with what we believe will be the funniest, coolest, and craziest event of the year. Levels start at $500 and include logo on marketing materials and swag, race entries, volunteer opportunities, and more! Can't do a Sponsorship but you still want to be involved with Participants? Adventure Stations can be purchased for $250. You can create your own obstacle or challenge for Participants to face on the "race" course. We encourage any humorous activity. The goal is to be fun, silly, & foolish!  Contact us below for more information.

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Z Krewe's 0.5K "Race" Regular

06 May, 2023 (Sat) - 11:00
0.5 km
On site

Z Krewe's 0.5K "Race"


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