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Cancellation of the Elbrus World Race 2011

07 août 2011 00h00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Mount Elbrus
Crédit : Elbrus World Race
We regret to inform that we are forced to cancel Elbrus World Race 2011. The Elbrus area is officially closed for tourism and sport by the authorities. This is due to the terrorist attacks that occurred in the region of Mount Elbrus in February. If the area of Elbrus will be opened in summer 2011, we will make test races.

We believe in positive life developement in Caucasus. With renewed vigor, we will prepare for Elbrus World Race 2012.

Elbrus World Race 2012 will take place in the first week of August 2012.

Welcome to Elbrus World Race 2012!

Elbrus World Race Ivan Kuzmin Race director