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SEB Tallinn Marathon broke records

16 sept. 2015 14h10
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Crédit : SEB Tallinn Marathon

SEB Tallinn Marathon held on September 12-13 in downtown Tallinn boasted record participant numbers in marathon and half marathon distances as well as Mesikäpp Kids Races and Nike Youth Run.

19,549 recreational athletes in total took part in this year’s SEB Tallinn Marathon, among them 1,823 marathon participants, 3,127 half marathon participants, 9,861 participants in the ten-kilometer running and walking distance, 1,585 Nike Youth Run participants, and 3,153 Mesikäpp Kids Race participants. As another record set, recreational athletes from a total of 49 different countries took part in the marathon.

The overwhelming winner of the marathon distance was Kiprop Tonui from Kenya who completed the race distance triumphantly in 2:18:04. Second place overall went to Sergei Cherepannikov who finished after Kiprop Tonui and won the Estonian Championship title, accomplishing his own personal record at 2:23:48. The fastest female runner in the marathon was Kaisa Kukk from Estonia who won the Estonian Championship title with a personal record 2:52:40.

A Guinness record was returned to Estonia by Marti Medar who completed the fastest marathon dribbling a basketball in 3:04:15. To set a new record, one had to be faster than 3:11.26 achieved by American Jerry Knox – Medar beat Knox’s time by seven minutes.

Tiidrek Nurme from Estonia won the half marathon with 1:06:08. The fastest female half marathon runner was Latvian Ilona Marhele who completed the race in 1:18:35. The fastest woman from Estonia was Egle-Helene Ervin, a young runner who set a personal record at 1:25:05, finishing as the female runner-up.

First place in 10 kilometers went to Roman Fosti who ran the distance in 30:11, renewing his personal record by four seconds. Women’s first place went to Jekaterina Patjuk who ran 10 kilometers in a near-record time of 33:51.

SEB Tallinn Marathon brought together recreational athletes in a variety of age groups. The youngest participants were two year-old runners in Mesikäpp Kids Races, while contestants aged 80 and up took part in different distances of the runfest. The most numerous body of corporate participants in SEB Tallinn Marathon – 917 employees – came from the company Ericsson Eesti AS.

The large-scale running event boasted a record number of participants from abroad, hosting more than 2000 foreigners. Among others, visitors from nations most far from Estonia included guests from the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, and New-Zealand.

Next year’s SEB Tallinn Marathon is scheduled to take place on September 11. Registration to SEB Tallinn Marathon 2016 is open at