Swimming Events

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact, whole-body exercise that has race distances to suit all levels of competitors. Compete over sprint distances in the pool or try open-water swimming for longer, more demanding challenges.

Where will your next swim race take you?

Swimming helps strengthen your core and is also great for cardiovascular fitness. As a low-impact sport, it is a good choice for endurance athletes who have recovered from joint or back injuries but still want to participate in events and races that stretch their limits and test them. Newcomers to endurance who need to lose weight before progressing into running or cycling, will appreciate the fact that swimming is easy on the legs.

As with all endurance events, swimming competitions are a tough and satisfying challenge in their own right. If you’ve never tried open-water swimming, you’re missing out on a special experience. Distances generally range from 1km to 25km and races are very different from pool racing. During open-water swimming competitions, all swimmers often dive in at the same time. Those starts have a physical side to them that sees swimmers jostling for position.

Pool swimming requires very little equipment in the form of a swim cap and a pair of goggles. For open water swimming you may need a neoprene wetsuit and a swim buoy for extra visibility and added safety.

In case you are looking for your first or your next swimming event, our swimming calendar has races from all across the world.