Press Release

2015 Trail World Championships

31 Jan, 2014 (Fri)
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The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) has officially chosen the host venue for the 2015 Trail World Championships.

France (FFA), and more specifically the Haute-Savoie, one of the nation’s most popular areas for trail running, will welcome this major event.

The host race for the 2015 Trail World Championships will be the TECNICA MAXI-RACE, with a start/finish in Annecy-le-Vieux and a race course that circumnavigates Lake Annecy via the surrounding summits (between 82km and 87km, with approximately 5200m of vertical gain). A demanding but spectacular itinerary…

With already more than 4700 runners registered for the 2014 edition, the TECNICA MAXI-RACE is one of the major mountain trail running races in France and in Europe.

Our partners’ involvement (TECNICA, GATORADE, PEPSI…) as well as the commitment of local governments (Annecy-le-Vieux, the Haute-Savoie ….), the enthusiasm of the Rhône-Alpes Athletics League, as well as the number of FFA registered trail runners bear witness to the fantastic cooperation that convinced the sport’s international governing bodies to award the 2015 Trail World Championships to France via the TECNICA MAXI-RACE.

If you are not part of the lucky 4700 that are already registered, it will be complicated but not impossible to participate in the race this year. One of the rare remaining options is to register as a 4-person relay team for the Team Race or individually for the XL-Race, the new 2-day race format that will provide you with the opportunity to run the course for next year’s World Championships!

The XL Race, which also circumnavigates the lake, will allow you to prepare for a long-distance run, to enjoy the event as a family by running in the morning and enjoying a relaxing afternoon, or simply as a first step towards running the entire loop non-stop next year!