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6th Lake Balaton Supermarathon race report

15 Apr 2013 08:08
Jean-Loup Fenaux

The 6th Lake Balaton Supermarathon had more than 1000 runners from more than 10 countries. 200 individual and 500 relay runners run around the biggest lake of Central Europe which meant 195,4 km in 4 days. The others run shorter distances like Half Lake Balaton.

The biggest international groups came from Germany and Sweden, but we had runners also from France, Australia, the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, the US, Belgium.

Lake Balaton Supermarathon 2013
Credit : BSI Lake Balaton Supermarathon

The winning time among the individual runners was 13h 12m 21s, ran by Péter Steib. He was followed by the German Marcus Baldauf with the time of 14h 02m 46s.

The situation was similar among the women. First runner was Hungarian, while the second a German. Éva Gyebnár won with 17h 17m 18s, and Martina Schliep was only 10 minutes behind her with 17h 27m 37s. Check out also the video& of the race. For the complete result list go to:

During April 2013 Balaton Supermarathon joins the AIMS, which means that the 7th Lake Balaton Supermarathon (20.-23. March 2014) will be already AIMS certificated, and will guarantee the high standard and hopefully will attract to more and more international runners. We would appreciate if you would share these information with your readers in any form. If you need more information or if you would like to join next year please do not hesitate to contact me.

BSI Lake Balaton Supermarathon