Press Release

Agustí Roc (Lurbel-Salomon) and Núria Picas (Buff-Compressport) win the third stage of Everest Trail race 2012

18 Nov 2012 15:31
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Stage 3 TAKTUR – KHARIKHOLA 30 Km 4.972 metros acumulados

Equator of the EVEREST TRAIL RACE 2nd edition has been reached with a stage, a priori quiet, between villages of Taktur and Kharikhola, with a distance of 30 km. and an accumulated elevation of 4972 m. After the queen stage, this third stage would have to test the participants’ physical condition after the yesterday’s great effort.

The start has been in descent and during the 6,8 km. up to Jumbesi the first cut has ocurred: Agustí Roc (LURBEL-SALOMON) and Phudorjee Lama Sherpa left, leaving behind Jordi Aubeso and Marcel Batlle.

Roc (LURBEL-SOLOMON) and Lama Sherpa have gone together during 26 km but when there were 4 km. for arrival, the former world champion, favored by a height lower than 2000 m., has started forcing a high pace of climbing and has not dropped at any time on having seen that Lama Sherpa was not reaching him.

Stage 3
Credit : Jordi Vila / ETR Photographer
Agustí Roc (LURBEL-SOLOMON) has crossed the finish line with a time of 3:39:39. After him, at only 0:1:11, Phudorjee Lama Sherpa was crossing too pretty tired but with the reassurance that to still have 44 seconds of advantage in the provisional ranking gives.

Once again, Jordi Aubeso completed the podium with a time of 3:56:23. Today he has been able to better enjoy the unique landscape of the Himalayas.

In women category, a new victory of Núria Picas (BUFF-COMPRESSPORT). She has crossed the finish line with a time of 4:45:06 in the seventh general position. After her, Marta Prat (COLLBAIX-EL CELLER DEL MOLÍ), who with a time of 6:43:12 was recovering good sensations after the first two days in which some stomach problems prevented her from giving good results as per her usual level. Mireia Ruiz (AE ICARIA), with a time of 7:47:14, has completed all three poles in this category.

At the time of finishing this chronicle, participants are still arriving at the finish line of Kharikhola. A new stage, in which the Everest has been better viewed as same as the south wall of the Lothse, is coming to its end.

Faces of weariness begin to appear and small lesions also, likethat of Jordi Martí, who has suffered a sprain and will continue with the sole purpose of enjoying the scenery of the Himalayas and finishing the race.

The fourth stage will be developed tomorrow between Kharikhola and Monjo. A stage of 31 km and 5331 m. of accumulated elevation (2995 m. positive and 2335 m. negative) that will test again participants’ physical and mental resources.