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Brazil 135 Ultramarathon Cup 2013 – Women Runners Sanjoanenses Closed And Defined Strategy For Getting The Great Challenge Of Their Lives

22 Jan 2013 16:30
Jean-Loup Fenaux

2012 Ultra marathon start
Credit : Brazil 135 Ultramarathon
The city of São João da Boa Vista through days of great excitement this month of January 2013, for this week will be happening simultaneously the two most important events of your sports calendar, ie the 14th International Interior Paulista Brazil Soccer Cup and Brazil 135 Ultramarathon Cup 2013.

Logical that the two competitions have different goals, because while the 14th International Interior Paulista Brazil Soccer Cup, which this year has the presence of 4.300 athletes from 172 teams representing 64 clubs from 10 Brazilian states and three countries, from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay entered in categories Under 12, 14, 16 and 18, seeking the disclosure of new values soccers, the Brazil 135th Ultramathon Cup 2013 with its 173 participants, including veterans and newcomers, from thirteen countries – Germany Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, United States, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK and Singapore, divided into categories Solo 48 hours, 60 hours Solo, Doubles, Trios and Quartets this season means to vast majority of registered consecration of a lifetime dedicated to his favorite sport.

But as this Friday, 18th January, our city for the fourth consecutive year it will host the start of the Brazilian stage of the World Cup Ultramarathon, the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon Cup 2013, proof pedestrian harder country, both used to classify some participants to Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley played in the United States, considered the most difficult in the world, so let’s highlight all the details of this great event.

Presence Sanjoanense

Among the competitors from Brazil 135 Ultramarathon Cup 2013 will be the first time the participation of Category Quartets and beyond masculine presence with runners Joshua Martins, Marco Aurélio Nogueira, Carlos Ramalho Ubirajara Lisbon and Paulo Roberto Carvalho Teixeira team that flies Foot, St. João da Boa Vista will feature a quartet made up of the female athletes Valdirene Aparecido Musto, Milena Maria Rosa Cantadori, Aparecida de Fátima Narciso Sabia and Esther de Lima Oliveira who will be representing the woman Sanjoanense this “jog” of only 217 kilometers.

Among the participants sanjoanenses we highlight the presence of Reginaldo Rodrigues, 48 hours and Solo Category in Category Doubles, the soldier PM Firefighter Richard Belmar and Samuel Latansa Heto who resides in Canada, all seeking to achieve top the podium in the race.

The athletes Valdirene Aparecido Musto, Milena Maria Rosa Cantadori, Aparecida de Fátima Narciso Sabia and Esther de Lima Oliveira why, for the first time, will be representing our city in this important event, last week closed the preparations that everything happens for the best way during proof.

To know the importance of this challenge is for the runners you have to know how to set up their training programs. One of the main problems we had to overcome was the fact fulfill different times in the sectors in which they work and to overcome this obstacle were developed three different programs.

The athletes Valdirene Aparecida Musto and Milena Maria Rosa Cantadori were advised by Prof. Rogério Gomes, who teaches classes at Academy Sports Society Sanjoanense and trained together. Aparecida de Fátima Narciso Sabia did his training in the company of his team mates Foot that Flies, while Esther de Lima Oliveira had developed their preparation and accompanied by Prof. Benedito Donizetti de Jesus, (Ditão), professional Sports Department of the Municipality of São João da Boa Vista.

On last Friday, the 11th of January 2013, the athletes gathered in the afternoon at the Department of Sports and after perform analyzes all information collected, assembled the strategy we will use in the course of the grueling race. And so that nothing hinders your goals, Male Quartet has the support of the Oficina do Corpo Academy’s, Sanjoanense League Sports and Sports Department of the Municipality of São João da Boa Vista.

Now with everything set, Valdirene, Milena, Aparecida de Fátima and Esther Oliveira expect confidently the start of 135th Brazil Ultramarathon Cup 2013 to see if the training were developed correctly, but all sanjoanenses can be sure that everything was designed so that they can successfully represent the Hiker Sanjoanense.

Athletes have already started arriving since the onset of this week and are being welcomed by Wednesday, January 16 at Palmeiras FC. On Thursday, January 17th, from 08h00, the Pre-Race Meeting – Technical Meeting, will be made to deliver a kit to athletes, the conference registration and lunch fellowship in the club Sociedade Esportiva Sanjoanense.

The race

On Friday, January 18 at 08:00 am, after the raising of the flags and the implementation of the National Anthem, the start of the Marathon takes place in front of the Police Station at Community Square Cel. Joaquim José, with participants walking the city streets until it reaches the outer Serra da Paulista. This year a reporter from Singapore will be covering the race because a minister of his country is promoting a campaign to raise funds for social projects and Brazil 135 Ultramarathon Cup-2013 will be a tool for fundraising for this campaign.

Proof in 2012

After traveling on the 26:20 pm 217 kilometers of Brazil 135th Ultramarathon Cup 2012, which included route, and São João da Boa Vista City, the towns of Aguas da Prata, Andradas, Serra dos Limas, Barra, Crisólia, Ouro Fino, Inconfidentes, Borda da Mata, Tocos de Mogi, Estiva, Consolação and Paraisópolis, the Brazilian Eduardo Silverio Calixto born in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, MG, surprised to win the race leaving the favorite German naturalized Costa Rica, Kurt Lindermueller, winner in 2011, as 2nd place in Participants of the Solo category.

The sanjoanenses Hezron Aparecido Modena, (Cuca), Cabo PM Firefighter Richard Latansa and Samuel Heto residing in Canada are included in Category Trio in Brazil 135th Ultramarathon Cup 2012 were very well thus finished in 3rd place in their first joint participation with a time of 21.30 in the 217 km expenditures this event as demanding and exhausting.

Reginaldo Rodrigues, popularly known as “Cotonete” was also successful, therefore, also finished in 3rd place in the category Solo 60 Hours with a time of 40h18.

To reach this beautiful place athletes had the support of Professors Daniel Augusto da Costa Neto (Gustão) and Mauro Camargo and employee Catarina Angelica Martins dos Santos, of the Sports Department of the Municipality of São João da Boa Vista and volunteer Marcos Aurélio Gonçalves Fernandes.

Importantly again the members of the Sports Department of the Municipality of São João da Boa Vista will be assisting athletes in its passage through our region, with the support of those responsible for Path of Faith Promotion of the event is the 135 Brazil Ltda captained by Commander Mario Lacerda, with the support of the City, Sociedade Esportiva Sanjoanense, Palmeiras FC CTUR – Tourism Commission and ACE – Commercial and Business Association of São João da Boa Vista , SP.

Article written by Airson Viana