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Interview : Beer Lovers' Marathon

04 Nov, 2015 (Wed)

Credit : Beer Lovers’ Marathon Good morning. On May 15, 2016, you’re organizing the Beer Lovers’ Marathon. Can you explain where it’s taking place? The race is taking place in the city center of Liege, in east Belgium, which is known as being the “Beer Lovers’ City.” This will be the inaugural race. Why did you decide to launch this project? The idea came to us after running in the Marathon du Médoc. We had so much fun and we wondered why Belgium, with its brewing heritage, didn’t have a similar race. Everything came together the day we met the founders of the Marathon du Médoc by chance. It was the day after the Berlin Marathon and we were in the same hotel. We hit it off right away and they helped us launch this project. §staticmap(49259,5,800,400) What type of course can the runners expect? Could you describe it? Above all, the course will be fun! In fact, 15 aid stations with entertainment, bands, and DJs will take care of motivating the runners! They’ll find classic energy drinks but also will be able to taste beers and local products. The route we have designed is very diversified. The beginning of the race runs through the historic center with its monuments and architecture. Then, the hardest part comes with the 374 steps of the Stairs of Mount Bueren (the most extreme stairs in the world according to the Huffington Post). There you will have a magnificent view of the entire city. Credit : Beer Lovers’ Marathon Then, the course becomes more tree-lined and the runners will pass over the old slagheaps of the city’s mining past. Then, they’ll come back down and run along the Meuse with a small detour through the folkloric neighborhood of Outremeuse. The last 10 km will be done in the city center again passing by the colossal train station. How many runners are you expecting that Sunday morning? What type of runner do you think you’ll attract? We’ve set a limit at 1,500 runners, since it’s the inaugural race and we want to take care of each and every runner and have them leave with wonderful memories. As for the type of runner, our event is geared towards those who want to exercise while having fun, runners who are looking to accomplish the feat of a marathon, but not at a record time. At the end of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon, the question isn’t “Did you MAKE good time?” but rather “Did you HAVE a good time?” Have you planned other races during that weekend? Over what distances? No, the goal is to have a marathon! As for this mythical distance, many beginner runners think about this distance as unachievable, but the entertainment and the atmosphere are there to motivate them in difficult times. At that time of year, what are the expected weather conditions? Predicting the weather in Belgium is pretty risky . But the month of May is one of the driest and sunniest of the year. In any case, we’re counting on the runners to create a steamy environment! Have you planned any particular festivities around the race? Apart from the entertainment during the race, two gourmet food events are taking place 50m from the finish line village. The Epicuriales, who features cuisine from Liege, and the Summer Beer Lovers’ Festival. Families and friends will also have lots of things to discover. After running the marathon, what recommendation would you give to a runner who has never been to Liege? A good restaurant, a nice tour? Liege is known in Belgium for its welcoming inhabitants. If you’re looking for a good idea, ask someone in the street, they will be happy to give you some advice. If not, the Epicuriales and the Beer Lovers’ Festival are there to have something to eat. In one sentence, what would you say to the readers of ahotu Marathons to make them want to sign up for the Beer Lovers’ Marathon? If you want to rise to the challenge of a marathon, the Beer Lovers’ Marathon allows you to visit a city, party with your friends, and discover new beers and flavors. Interview of Gérald Evers, member of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon team. At 30, he has 8 marathons under his belt and hopes to run many more!
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