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Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon Awards $80,000 for Charity at 2014 Marathon Awards Celebration

17 Jun, 2014 (Tue)

Credit : Colfax Marathon 60 Separate Awards Presented to Top Open, Corporate Cup and Government Cup Relay Teams and Charity Partners DENVER – The Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon awarded $80,000 to the top relay teams in the Open Marathon Relay, Corporate Cup and Government Cup Relays at the 2014 Marathon Awards Celebration. The top teams received a trophy to keep and a cash award, ranging from $750-$2,500, which they gave to the Charity Partner of their choice. More than 17,000 runners registered for the events of the 9th annual Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon on May 17-18, 2014; a 24 percent increase from 2013, when the race distributed $50,000 to charity. One in four registered to run for one of the 151 Charity Partners that used the race to raise money for their cause. “With the increase in registrations and the number of charity partner runners, we are able to give back more to our charity partners,” said Andrea Dowdy, CEO of the Colfax Marathon. “As a nonprofit, our mission is to encourage fitness in our communities, and celebrate those who are doing it well. When you put Colorado’s largest corporate race together with one of the largest charity partner programs in the country, you get great local involvement.” Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock delivered welcome remarks to the top Corporate, Government and Open relay teams, as well as the individual men’s and women’s winners in the Marathon, Half Marathon and Urban 10 Miler. “This was an exciting year for the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, Kaiser Permanente’s vice president of government and external relations. “It was particularly inspiring to see more than 400 teams, mostly from the business community, getting away from their desks and running for health and charity as part of the Corporate and Government cup relays. We’re proud to be involved in this great community event and we look forward to continuing our work to help Coloradans thrive.” Several other special awards are presented, including a $1,000 award to Brianne Nelson for setting a new event record in the Women’s Half Marathon in 1:16:07; the “Brass Nozzle” Award, a trophy that the fire departments of Aurora, Denver and Lakewood compete for each year, going to the Men’s West Metro Fire relay team; and the “Sole of the Law” Trophy, awarded to the fastest law firm relay team, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck’s Co-Ed team. Additionally, The Denver Post Community Foundation, as a beneficiary of the Bellco Colfax 5K, awarded $10,000 in grants to four local nonprofits serving youth, fitness and disabilities: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Denver Children’s Advocacy Center, Joshua School of Denver and Rocky Mountain Human Services Race results can be found online at and relay results are listed below: Division Place Team Charity Partner Division: Men’s Open Relay 1st Place Newton Running Elite – Men – 2:14:48 $1,250 to Children’s Hospital Colorado 2nd Place Colorado Running Club – 2:32:36 $1,000 to One Spirit 3rd Place Vista Nation XC – 2:33:45 $750 to Athletes in Tandem Division: Women’s Open relay 1st Place Newton Running Elite – Women – 2:45:07 $1,250 to Special Olympics 2nd Place Mercuria Running Women – 3:04:09 $1,000 to Inner City Health Center 3rd Place Revolution Running Rogues – 3:16:39 $750 to Smart Girl Division: COED Open Relay 1st Place Grease Lightning – 2:37:18 $1,250 to Judi’s House 2nd Place Raise The Roost – 2:51:14 $1,000 to Action for Healthy Kids 3rd Place Anschutz Run Club – 2:52:55 $750 to Mental Health Center of Denver Division: COED GOVERNMENT CUP RELAY 1st Place NREL STRIDERS – 2:45:38 $2,500 to Mercy Housing 2nd Place JEFFCO SCHOOLS F.T.N.S.B. – 2:57:22 $2,000 to Brent’s Place 3rd Place  HCPF (Holy Cow Party Foul) – 3:07:17 $1,500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters 4th Place U.S. Probation ART3 – 3:12:19 $1,000 to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation Division: Women’s GOVERNMENT CUP RELAY 1st Place DSST Lady Raptors – 3:34:48 $2,500 to Denver Scholarship Foundation 2nd Place Denver Water Women – 3:51:02 $2,000 to Mercy Housing 3rd Place DPS Frunners – 4:02:31 $1,500 to DPS Foundation 4th Place Golden Foxes – 4:06:00 $1,000 to Golden Schools Division: Men’s GOVERNMENT CUP RELAY 1st Place West Metro Fire – 2:47:56 $2,500 to West Metro Fire Foundations 2nd Place Aurora Fire – 2:53:01 $2,000 to Firefighters of Aurora Benevolent Fund 3rd Place Denver Fire – 2:58:57 $1,500 to Friends of Denver Fire 4th Place Colorado Springs Utilities – 3:07:41 $1,000 to Project Cope Education Cherry Creek Schools – See Cherry Creek Run – 3:35:49 $1,000 to Action for Healthy Kids Division: Men’s corporate cup relay 1ST PLACE URS1 – 2:44:33 $2,500 to Seeds of Hope 2nd PLACE ReadyTalk Men- 2:44:37 $2,000 to Action for Healthy Kids 3rd PLACE KPMG Cutting Through Colfax – 2:51:09 $1,500 to KIPP Colorado Division: Women’s corporate cup relay 1ST PLACE KPMG Pretty Little Liabilities – 3:53:17 $2,500 to KIPP Colorado 2nd PLACE Children’s Hospital Colorado – 4:01:20 $2,000 to Children’s Hospital Colorado 3rd PLACE Fidelity E&P Women – 4:03:34 $1,500 to Action for Healthy Kids Division: COED corporate cup relay 1ST PLACE McKesson MCK-FLY – 2:55:54 $2,500 to Animal Rescue of the Rockies 2nd PLACE Michael Baker International Energetic Engineers – 3:11:50 $2,000 to Leukemia and Lymphoma 3rd PLACE Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck BHFS Numero Dos – 3:13:18 $1,500 to KIPP Colorado Industry Winners Construction, Engineering, Development 1ST PLACE URS-1 – 2:44:33 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to Seeds of Hope. 2nd PLACE URS Structural – 3:11:42 $1,000 to Lutheran Family Services 3rd PLACE Michael Baker International Energetic Engineers – 3:11:50 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Consumer Services and Products 1ST PLACE Newton Running – 3:14:56 $1,250 to Alzheimers Association of Colorado 2nd PLACE Amazing Moves – 3:20:04 $1,000 to Animal Rescue of the Rockies 3rd PLACE Hyatt Hackers – 3:31:35 $750 to Parkinson Association of the Rockies Energy, Environmental, Geology 1ST PLACE Encana – 2:53:04 $1,250 to Special Olympics 2nd PLACE Fidelity E&P Men – 2:53:38 $1,000 to Action for Healthy Kids 3rd PLACE Noble Energy Noble Ninja’s – 3:41:12 $750 to Gateway Battered Women’s Services Finance 1ST PLACE KPMG Cutting Through Colfax – 2:51:09 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to KIPP Colorado 2nd PLACE KPMG For The Love Of Pete – 3:29:54 $1,000 to Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado 3rd PLACE BKD Men – 3:33:30 $750 to Alzheimers Association of Colorado Healthcare 1ST PLACE Covidien Energy-Based Runners – 2:51:58 $1,250 to Big Brothers Big Sisters 2nd PLACE McKesson MCK-FLY – 2:55:54 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to Animal Rescue of the Rockies 3rd PLACE McKesson 3 – 3:22:51 $750 to One Spirit  Legal 1ST PLACE Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck BHFS Numero Dos – 3:13:18 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to KIPP Colorado 2nd PLACE Davis Graham & Stubbs Run DGS – 3:19:27 $1,000 to Mile High United Way 3rd PLACE Davis Graham & Stubbs Ten Left Feet – 3:31:54 $750 to Mile High United Way Nonprofit 1ST PLACE Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado – 3:49:32 $1,250 to Big Brothers Big Sisters 2nd PLACE Water for People – 3:57:48 $1,000 to Water for People 3rd PLACE RMHS – Rocky Mountain Rockers – 4:01:24 $750 to Operation TBI Freedom Professional Services and Products 1ST PLACE RAS & Associates – 2:56:41 $1,250 to Colorado Canine Rescue 2nd PLACE OPTUMal Stride – 3:32:52 $1,000 to Brent’s Place 3rd PLACE UPS Just for Fun – 3:37:30 $750 to Domus Pacis Family Respite Software, Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcasting 1ST PLACE ReadyTalk Men – 2:44:37 Placed Overall in Corporate Cup, and donated to Action for Healthy Kids 2nd Place ReadyTalk Co-Ed – 3:18:51 $1,000 to Athletes in Tandem 3rd Place Bew Global, INC – Speedy Sloths  - 3:20:05 $750 to Leukemia and Lymphoma
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Focus on a raceInterview

Running a mile high race at the Colfax Marathon

30 Sep, 2013 (Mon)

§staticmap(1270,5,450,250) Hello, on May 18th 2014, you’ll be organizing the Colfax Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located? The Colfax Marathon is Denver, Colorado’s springtime marathon. The marathon takes runners through Denver’s best landmarks. How old is the race and why was it created in the first place? This is our ninth year. Colfax Avenue is famous for being America’s longest main street – 26 miles, to be exact – and prior to the age of interstates, Colfax was the gateway to the Rockies. The Colfax Marathon was established by the three cities it runs through: Aurora, Denver and Lakewood – to encourage a healthy community and to celebrate the revitalization of Colfax Avenue. The Colfax Marathon is Denver’s hometown race, and it’s really grown over the past few years. What kind of route have you set up for the runners? How would you describe it? The Colfax Marathon runs through Denver’s best landmarks. The race starts and finishes in Denver’s spectacular City Park, then takes runners onto the field of Mile High Stadium — the home of the Denver Broncos — twice, at miles 6 and 20, through downtown, along seven miles of urban lakes, rivers and creeks, through historic neighborhoods, and of course retains the charm and grit of Colfax. It’s an urban tour of the Mile High City. The Half Marathon is the first race ever to run one mile through Denver Zoo – then takes runners through Denver’s historic neighborhoods and a fire station. Credit : Colfax Marathon How many runners do you expect on Sunday morning? What type of runners do you plan to attract? In 2013, we had 14,000 runners register for the seven events we offer on Marathon Weekend. We have a small but distinguished elite field. Colorado is home to many talented distance runners competing in our races. And we have a good number of first-time marathoners, too. We are home to Colorado’s biggest corporate fitness race: companies compete for $50,000 in awards for charity in the Corporate Cup Marathon Relay – where teams of 5 co-workers split the 26.2 mile marathon course. Because we have 122 Charity Partners raising money and awareness through our race, we added distances to accommodate runners of all abilities. Do you organize other races during the Weekend? If so, on what distances? We host seven events over two days. The weekend kicks off with the Colfax 5K on Saturday. Sunday’s races are 26.2 mile Marathon 13.1 mile Half Marathon 5-person, 26.2 mile Marathon Relay The Corporate Cup Marathon Relay The Government Cup Marathon Relay Urban 10 Miler Credit : Colfax Marathon p(question). At that time of the year, what kind of weather can we expect? There is nothing like Colorado in the springtime! Colorado is famous for our sunshine and blue skies. Last year, we had perfect weather: Temperatures in the 60’s at the race start (6:00 a.m.) with a slight overcast, blue skies by 10:00 and highs in the low 80’s. Mornings can be cool, highs in the 80s. Have you planned festivities around the marathon? We host a two-day Health & Fitness Expo and packet pickup at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, with vendors showcasing the latest in fitness, running apparel, shoes, gear and accessories. After the race, we throw a terrific party lakeside in City Park with great food, live music and a beer tent – open to runners and spectators alike. Our 122 Charity Partners come out for race weekend and each has a tent in Charity Partner Village – everyone is part of the party. Credit : Colfax Marathon The race finished, what advice would you give a runner who has never been to Denver before? A good restaurant, a fancy sightseeing? Denver is home to a thriving restaurant scene based on fresh, local and seasonally changing ingredients. We love the outdoors and the Rocky Mountains are just a short drive away. The options are endless for a day hike, bike ride, picnic in the park – even climbing a 14’er (Colorado is famous for its many peaks above 14,000 feet elevation). Catch a Rockies baseball game or see our National Champion lacrosse team, The Denver Outlaws, play at Mile High Stadium! In a single sentence, what would you tell the readers of ahotu Marathons to make them register for the Colfax Marathon? The Colfax Marathon is bucket list material: 26.2 miles at 5,280 feet altitude and zero attitude, it’s the ultimate urban tour of the Mile High City. Interview with Creigh Kelley, Race director. Creigh (pronounced “Cree”) has been a runner, competitor, agent, race director, national consultant, and elected leader in the national and international running community for 30 years. Since moving to Denver in 1978, he has represented elite athletes as an agent and put on more than 1,000 races across the country. He is President of BKB Limited, which has managed, produced and directly assisted with over 1,000 recreation special events throughout the nation. He has been an integral part of the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon since its inaugural race in 2006, and has been the Race Director since 2008. Creigh has been running since his sophomore year in high school and ran college track at Virginia Military Institute. He was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame in 2009.
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