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Impressive Moroccan and Kenyan victories at the 36th Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon

25 May 2015 16:05
Jean-Loup Fenaux
2015 winner Hassane Ahouchar
Credit : Sparta

The victory in this year’s Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon went to Hassane Ahouchar of Morocco who finished strong in 2 hours 15 minutes and 34 seconds. Nancy Jebel Koech from Kenya was the fastest woman, and with a time of 2:33.42 she delivered one of the fastest times in race history.

The 36th Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon was eventful throughout, with perfect weather conditions and the crowd cheering on the runners till the very end.

Moroccan Strength in Men’s Elite Race

Today was a close race being led by Joel Maina Mwangi from Kenya and Fikadu Kebede Debele from Ethiopia for the first 35km. At this point the race favourite Hassane Ahouchar of Morocco picked up the pace and caught up with the front runners before passing them and finishing in a strong 2 hours, 15 minutes and 34 minutes.

Just 14 seconds later Fikadu Kebede Debele (ETH) finished a well deserved second after leading almost the entire race alongside Joel Mwangi (KEN) who had to settle for fourth behind Lahcen Mokraji (MO).

2015 winner Nancy Jebel Koech
Credit : Sparta

Stable Women’s Elite Race

Kenyan Nancy Jebel Koech managed her efforts well today, leading a group of three for most of the race. They kept an even pace, for a good long while staying within the race record of 2h:30:53. At the 30 km mark the group slowed down somewhat, but in the last 3 km Nancy found her second wind and left everyone behind. The thrilled Kenyan finished an impressive 3 minutes and 24 seconds before our second place finisher Mulunesh Zewedu Assafa of Ethiopia. Although the finish time was not enough to beat the race record, Nancys time is the second fastest time in race event history.

Winners of the Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon 2015


1 Hassane Ahouchar MOR 2:15.24
2 Fikadu Kebebe Debele ETH 2:15.38
3 Lahcen Mokraji MOR 2:18.50
4 Joel Maina Mwangi KEN 2:19:09
5 Ababy Girma Tadesse ETH 2:22:55


1 Nancy Jebet Koech KEN 2:33.42
2 Mulunesh Zewedu ETH 2:37.06
3 Hellen Jepkosgei Kimitai KEN 2:39:05
4 Yeshumie Ayalew Ejigu ETH 2:39.26
5 Malene Munkholm DEN 2:48:34

Race Facts

  • Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon has been organized non-profit by Sparta Athletics & Running since 1980.
  • 11,734 runners participated in this year’s race, which started and finished on Islands Brygge. The course takes runners from Islands Brygge through the inner city, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and back to Islands Brygge.
  • Race records are 2h:14:16 set it 1987 by Svend Erik Kristensen (DEN) and 2h:30:53 set in 2010 by Coleen De Reuck (USA). Participant record for the race is 12,644 from 2010, while last year saw the highest number of finishers of 9,670.
  • Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon only allows for one distance: 42,195 km.
  • The race is messured and certified by The Danish Athletic Federation and the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF.
  • Main sponsor since 2010 is Nykredit, while Nike, High5 and Marathon Sport are co-sponsors. Politiken is official media parther.
  • Other partners and sponsors include Pågen Bakery, MINI, Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, Erdinger Alkoholfrei, Ultimate Sports Service and BitLizzard Software.
  • Nykredit Copenhagen donates all surplus food to Fødevarebanken and left behind clothes to Red Cross.

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