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Massive crowd, blazing sunshine and a new race record at the Copenhagen Marathon

23 May 2017 14:20
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Telenor CPH Marathon 2017 Mens elite winner Julius Ndiritu Karinga
Credit : SpartaBilleder

Sunny skies, a new blistering race record and thousands of happy runners and cheering spectators – the 38th Telenor Copenhagen Marathon turned out to be that fantastic event, everyone had hoped for.

A set goal of Telenor Copenhagen Marathon is to be awarded the International Association of Athletics Federations Road Race Bronze Label.A crucial element of that happening is a strong field of runners. Much effort had been put into assembling the strongst field possible for the 2017 version of the race and the elite male runners did not disappoint.

“Everything went according to plan. We hoped we would get a new race record, and we got just that in a brilliant showing by Julius Ndiritu Karinga from Kenya who crossed the finish line in 2:12:10, more than 2 minutes faster than the old race record” said Dorte Vibjerg, Race Director from Sparta.

The old race record of 2:14:16 was set 30 years ago by Danish runner Svend Erik Kristensen and was beaten by no less than 2 runners as Alex Bartilol finish second in the time 2:12:37.

A feat that gained special awareness from Jakob Larsen, CEO of Danish Athletics Association

“I view todays version of Telenor Copenhagen Marathon as the high point in the races history. The fast winning time shows that Telenor Copenhagen Marathon has international caliber, but it is in the category atmospheric city marathon that the race really excels, and i have no doubt that the race obtaining the International Association of Athletics Federations Road Race Bronze Label in 2018 is realistic.”

The womens race was equally african dominated with 3 ethiopains Hana Teklu Zemedkun, Haregewoin Agonafir and Behafeta Hadies Abreha taking all three spots on the podium. For the women the finishing times were less impressive but this opened a window for Danish Sarah Erbst Ledet who finished in an impressive 5th place.

A party for both elite and less experienced runners

The technical qualities of todays race was another focus of the 2017 Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, this being a factor in sending the runners through Frederiksberg again this year. Happily the great weather had lured many people out to cheer both here and throughout the 42,195 kilometer long route, which did not go unnoticed by the runners. “It was amazing to run out there today. I dont think i have ever experienced so many people at a marathon before” said top finishing danish women runner Sarah Erbst Ledet after crossing the finish line.

The cheer and encouragement was not reserved only for the elite runners, but was received by all runners today. “The atmosphere was great out there and more prevalant then other years i have attended. Especially the Telenor Powerzone in Fælledparken was crazy” said Jim Grøtner after crossing the finish line in the time of 4:50:31

Very satisfactory

It was a delighted race director, Sparta’s Dorte Vibjerg, who looks back at Telenor Copenhagen Marathon “We could not have asked for more, and todays race was a brilliant beginning towards our future strategi for development. We have a clear 3 year development plan for the race which stretches between 2018 and 2020. We plan to improve the technical quality, strenght of the elite runners and our communication through digital channels. So eventhough this has been an amazing year we hope and believe that we can turn it up a notch” said a very happy CEO of Sparta

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