Press Release

Roc / Lama Sherpa and Picas win the second stage of Everest trail race 2012

17 Nov 2012 12:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Stage 2 BHANDHAR – TAKTUR 28 Km 6.000 metros acumulados

Trail running and ultras by stages are tests that need, besides an excellent physical and mental condition, the ability to properly manage forces during all days of the test, in order to be able to complete it successfully.

The EVEREST TRAIL RACE exigency level is high and, as in other test of this kind, there is a “queen stage” as it is called in the world of cycling. In the ETR 2012 the queen stage is the one that takes place between the villages of Bhandhar and Taktur, with a total distance of 28 Km and more than 6000 m. of accumulated elevation. This one is exactly the stage developed today.

ETR Direction has punctually given the stage start at 8:00 h. am. Runners had significant ramps and technical descents ahead that would force them to give everyone’s best.

Rapidly, a front group has been created again formed by Agustí Roc, Pudoorjee Lama Sherpa, Marcel Batlle and Jordi Aubeso, who have ran together the first kilometers of the stage. The Catalan and Nepalese champions have speeded up the rhythm and pulled away from the rest of the pack. Roc (LURBEL team) and Pudorjee Lama Sherpa completed the stage in first position, coming together and crossing the finish line with a time of 4:41:13. Behind them, Jordi Aubeso (SAN MIGUEL 0,0 team) crossed with a time of 4:48:46, completing the three top positions in the men’s category.

In the women’s category, Núria Picas had no problem to obtain a new stage victory in her category and, since it happened in the first one, she has been placed in the fifth general place of the daily stage behind Marcel Batlle. The current women’s world champion got a time of 5:25:59.

“Surprising”, “spectacular” … and other many adjectives might be used to describe the achievements of Joel Aubeso, sixth general classified of the day, who has completed the queen stage of the EVEREST TRAIL RACE with a time 5:29:42, giving a new lesson of strength, running more than three quarters of the stage with the female world champion. Aged eighteen, the young runner certifies the excellent learning of his progenitor and trainer and predicts great success for the Spanish long-distance runners.

After Check Point 3, first visualization of mount Everest, that almost forced the runners to stop to enjoy it.

The Taktur arrival caused great satisfaction in participants as they have experienced a new historical stage in their lives. The first view of Everest has impressed much of them…and they have not seen anything yet….

At the time of closing this chronicle, many runners have not arrived yet, given the complexity and severity of the stage.