Press Release

SEB Tallinn Marathon aims for a Guinness record

03 Sep 2013 13:10
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Credit : SEB Tallinn Marathon

The largest public sports event in Estonia, the SEB Tallinn Marathon takes place on Sunday, 8 September, and more than 17,000 participants have already registered. This year, participants are aiming for the Guinness record.

The Guinness record is attempted at running the marathon distance while bouncing a basketball through the entire run. The current record holder of this type of marathon running is an American Mark Ott, who in 2010 ran the distance while bouncing the ball with the time of 3.23.42. Five men will try to beat the Guinness record at SEB Tallinn Marathon: Reigo Kimmel, Martti Medar, Jarlet Mägi, Mirjo Koit and Enar Karlson.

“In order to increase the chances of beating the record and to spur on other participants, we’re welcoming people to cheer along next to the track. The best places for the audience to cheer for the participants are, for example, in Schnelli Park, Towers’ Square, near the Pirita Bridge and in several other parks that also house the live kilometre stops, where different musical collectives, DJs and cheerleaders also spur on the runners and walkers,” said Mati Lilliallik, the chief organiser of SEB Tallinn Marathon.

The marathon distance of SEB Tallinn Marathon, as part of which the Estonian Championships in marathon running is also taking place, kicks off on Sunday, 8 September, at 9 a.m. Semi-marathon runners take to the track at 11:30 a.m., and people running and walking the 10 km distance start at 1:30 p.m.

Children will run the Haribo children’s run a day earlier, on 7 September at 2 p.m. As tradition goes, Tibu, Jäpe and the Haribo bear will run alongside the young runners at the Haribo children’s run. Registration for the children’s run takes place at the location, and participation is free of charge for everyone.

The opening ceremony of the SEB Tallinn Marathon is held at the Freedom Square in the evening of Saturday, 7 September. At 5:30 p.m., the audience is greeted by a legendary band Vitamiin, who after a 23 year break is coming back to the stage with such a line-up: soloists are Marju Länik, Mait Maltis, Joel Steinfeld and Raul Sepper. At 6 p.m., favourites of the run are introduced, and the SEB Tallinn Marathon is officially launched. The evening that is filled with the timeless songs of the band Vitamiin will end with spectacular fireworks from RUF. The entire opening ceremony is free of charge for everyone.

The organisers of the SEB Tallinn Marathon are prepared to host a record number of participants this year. Registration for the competition is continued on the internet until all the slots have been filled – there are 50 slots remaining for the marathon and semi-marathon distances; 500 slots for the 10 km run and 10 km walking/Nordic walking.

It is possible to register for the last remaining slots also in the SEB Tallinn Marathon information desk situated on the Freedom Square, which is open on 4-7 September from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and in the competition centre in the morning of the competition day from 7 a.m.