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Spanish Sebastiana Llabres and Swiss Manuel Wyss, winners of the Palma de Mallorca Marathon 2015

21 Oct, 2015 (Wed)

Palma de Mallorca Marathon 2015 has been a fun running festival over three distances (10k, half marathon and marathon) and got a perfect weather condition. Finally, more than 9,500 athletes took part in the event, with a brand new race course, certified length, driving participants through the city centre and main historical monuments of Palma.

The winners of the marathon were the Spanish Sebastiana Llabres in 2h59:18 (finishing 8th overall) and Swiss Manuel Wyss in a thrilling final (2h43:38). The Spanish 1,500m champion Isabel Macías won the 10k race (39:18) and local Hugo Rodriguez got a smooth victory in the male category in 34:14. In the half marathon both winners were from Great Britain: Emma Neil and Robert Danson, in 1h26:30 and 1h12:23, respectively.
The 9,500 participants had a great and fun racing day. This was again a really international event with 70% of foreigners (mostly of them from Germany and Great Britain) and 40% of female participation, which is the highest figure in Spain.

The new name and concept brings to Palma de Mallorca, one of the main touristic places in Europe, in the Balearic Islands, a high quality event that is not only a marathon, is a full weekend of run, tourism and leisure for beginners or experienced athletes, and their families.

Manuel Weyss, winner of the Palma Marathon 2015: “I have enjoyed the full race! The course is tough but spectacular, really stunning, and there were many spectators cheering us. It was like a festival, and the weather was simply perfect for running”

Sebastiana Llabres, female winner of the Palma Marathon: “I’m so happy for the victory, I’m so proud for getting the 8th position overall. The atmosphere has been awesome, and for me as a local, racing at home, it’s so great!”

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