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Victoria Marathon Society announces a return to the Royal title

19 Jan 2021 11:31
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon - Marathon Video
Credit : Hothouse Marketing

(Victoria, BC – January 18, 2021) The Victoria Marathon Society is excited to announce the return of the Royal title to its name: the Royal Victoria Marathon. For 31 years the Marathon was known as the Royal Victoria Marathon until 2010 when GoodLife Fitness acquired the title rights. Held traditionally on Thanksgiving weekend, over 9,000 participants take part annually in the Marathon and its accompanying events: the Half Marathon, 8K, and the Thrifty Foods Kids Run.

The Marathon celebrated its 40th Annual event in 2019 but because of COVID-19 it had to cancel the 2020 event. After a year of global race cancellations and a downturn in the running industry, a return to the RVM brand is seen as a positive step for the Society.

“There is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year not just for the Victoria Marathon Society but for all races,” says Jonathan Foweraker, President. “Starting the year with the news that we are returning to the name Royal is exciting for us, and we hope for all our participants over the years. We know many still have great memories of the Royal Victoria Marathon, not to mention all of the memorabilia that came with it.”

GoodLife Fitness was title sponsor of the Victoria Marathon for 10 years. “The partnership we had with GoodLife Fitness was a win – win for both parties and we are extremely grateful for their support over the years,” says Cathy Noel, General Manager and Race Director. “As this chapter of the Victoria Marathon Society’s event wraps up, we look forward to giving the event a whole new look. We would like to invite all past participants, sponsors, volunteers and the greater running community, including locals and visitors to our destination city, to get involved. We are excited about having our participants wear with pride, the New Balance shirts, branded with Royal from 2021.”

“It has been an honour to be title sponsor of the Victoria Marathon for the last decade,” said David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans, GoodLife Fitness Founder, CEO and Victoria resident. “While GoodLife will not retain title sponsorship this year, our affinity and belief in this event, the organizers, runners and the community of volunteers who make it possible, is unwavering. The Royal Victoria Marathon will always hold a special place for myself and the entire GoodLife family and we look forward to being part of the event in the future.”

With public order restrictions still in place for events, an announcement about the 41st Royal Victoria Marathon will be made in early spring; however, a monthly Speaker Series will be launched on Monday, January 25, featuring prominent running industry professionals. This will be available on Zoom and be promoted through the Marathon’s newsletter and social media channels. A new website and logo will be launched in February.