The RunAround Tucson

Tucson, AZ, USA
06 Jan, 2024 (Sat)


54.82 mi


About the event


The event will use "wave" starts beginning with slower teams at 7:00 a.m. and progressing to faster teams starting at 10:00 a.m. This allows all teams to finish in time to enjoy the band, food and fun. 

Wave 1 - 0700

Wave 2 - 0800

Wave 3 - 1000

There is nothing else like it in Tucson~a running relay on The Loop.    What's the "Loop"?

The Chuck Huckelberry Loop is 120+ miles of paved, shared-use paths that connect the Rillito, Santa Cruz, and Pantano River Parks with the Julian Wash and Harrison Road Greenways. The RunAround Tucson will use nearly 55 miles of the Loop.  View the map to see the event's course.

How Does the Relay Work?

This is a supported relay race with Nine Exchanges (ten running legs (11 if using the "unofficial exchange on Leg 6")).

The relay Starts and Finishes at Rillito Park.  Distances between the Exchanges vary from 3.68 miles to 8.61 miles.

2024 Exchange Legs Leg 1 ~ Rillito Park to Curtis Park - 4.42 miles Leg 2 ~ Curtis Park to Camino del Cerro Park - 4.62  milesLeg 3 ~ Camino del Cerro Park to Juhan Park - 3.68 miles Leg 4 ~ Juhan Park to Silverlake Park and Ride Lot (east side) - 5.0 milesLeg 5 ~ Silverlake to Augie Acuna los Ninos Park - 6.86 REFLECTIVE VEST REQUIRED! NO MINORS CAN RUN ALONE ON THIS LEG Leg 6 ~ Augie Acuna to Old Vail Rd Park and Ride Lot - 8.61 miles 
Teams can divide Leg 6 into 2 Legs (5.38 miles and 3.23 miles) using an "unofficial exchange" at the Roy Schoonover Trail Head on Kolb Rd. This leg can be covered by 2 existing team members, OR teams can add another runner via registration.   Leg 7 ~ Old Vail Rd to Fantasy Island  - 5.16 miles Let 8 ~ Fantasy Island to Christ Community Church (NEW LOCATION- BETTER PARKING!) - 4.81 milesLeg 9 ~ Christ Community Church to Pantano Park and Ride lot - 4.18 milesLeg 10 ~ Pantano Park and Ride lot to Rillito Park - 6.72 miles Still 54.07 Miles of FUN! - UPDATED ON August 16, 2022 What Constitutes a "Team"?

The minimum number allowed on a team is two, and the maximum number is ten (or eleven if you are using the unoffiicial exhange on Leg 6).

Teammate One starts from Rillito Park and runs west to Exchange 1, where he/she will check in with the Event Time Keeper, and then hand off to Teammate Two to begin his/her run to Exchange 2, and so forth. You MUST check in at every Exchange, even if you have less than 10 runners on a team. If your team does not check in at every Exchange, your team will be considered a DNF and will be ineligible of a team award. This does not include the Ultra Loopy Runners, who only have to check in at Exchange 6. 


All teams must be done and off the course by 6:30 p.m. (You have 11.5 hours to complete the course. That's an average of 12:30 minutes per mile.)

All Teams must arrive at Exchange 5 (Augie Acuna los Ninos Park) no later than 1:15 p.m. 

All Teams must arrive at Exchange 8 (Christ Community Church) no later than 4:30 p.m.

Each team is responsible for getting their teammates to the Exchanges and back to the Start/Finish line to celebrate. 


RaceJoy will be active! Download the app and you’ll be able to track your runners all day. 

The Finish Line

Music, food and drinks to enjoy. As well as an awards ceremony.

Awards in 2024

Awards will go 3 deep in the following categories:

~- All Male, All Female and Co-Ed Teams with 4-11 runners (Full Relay Teams)

~ All Male, All Female and Co-Ed Teams with 2 runners (Half Loopy Relay Teams).

~ Ultra (solo) runners Male and Female (Ultra Loopy)

We will also present awards for: 

~ Best Dressed Team and Best Team Name (to be determined by event Sponsor)

~ Best Dressed Exchange (NEW)


Races offered by this event

You have 32 weeks to prepare

Relay Team

06 Jan, 2024 (Sat) - 07:00
54.82 mi
On site

Ultra Loopy

06 Jan, 2024 (Sat) - 07:00
54.82 mi
On site

The RunAround Tucson