The Yorkshire Marathon

York, York, United Kingdom
20 Oct, 2024 (Sun)
Event size: 5000 - 9999 participants


42.195 km

About the event

The Yorkshire Marathon has been a monster success since day one. In many ways it’s the jewel in the White Rose County's sporting crown.

We like to think every element of The Yorkshire Marathon is charged with Yorkshire Spirit. Since the inaugural event in 2013, the event has got bigger and bigger.  Every year, thousands of runners of all abilities take to its truly breathtaking course.

But you’ll never be far from the locals who will be out in force to cheer you along. The event is now such a global draw that spectators come from across the world to be part of the experience and to add their support.

As you head along University Road to the finish, remember; it’s tradition to "do the Y" as you cross the line. Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!

Whether you’re aiming to smash your PB or just looking to cross the finish line, the Yorkshire Marathon is the perfect experience for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

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20 Oct, 2024 (Sun)
42.195 km
Race size: 2500 - 4999 participants
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Results 2021: Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon

18 Oct, 2021 (Mon)

Credit : Andrew Crampton Marathon Tom Charles grinded past more than 2994 runners to win in 02:24:22, followed by Scott Harrington who finished with a time of 02:26:22. Finishing third was Anthony Woodward (02:29:03). In the ladies race, Becky Penty finished first in 02:47:43 . She finished une minute 47 secondes ahead of Melissah Gibson. The third place went to Hannah Roberts with a time of 02:57:05 Top 5 Men 1 Tom Charles 02:24:22 2 Scott Harrington 02:26:22 3 Anthony Woodward 02:29:03 4 Carl Jones 02:29:50 5 Peter Tucker 02:29:52 Top 5 Women 1 Becky Penty 02:47:43 2 Melissah Gibson 02:49:30 3 Hannah Roberts 02:57:05 4 Keri Pearson 02:57:35 5 Gill Bland 03:01:12 Complete results 10 Mile Jordan HOWE claimed victory with a time of 00:52:42. Coming in second was Matt KITCHING (00:53:15). Finishing third was Jonathan WALTON (00:53:52). In the ladies race, Georgia WOOD scored victory with a time of 01:01:43 , ahead of Helen SCOTT (01:05:43). Rounding out the top three was Eleanor PRESSDEE with a time of 01:07:37. Top 5 Men 1 Jordan HOWE 00:52:42 2 Matt KITCHING 00:53:15 3 Jonathan WALTON 00:53:52 4 Sean FLANAGAN 00:54:04 5 Callum CRAWFORD 00:54:33 Top 5 Women 1 Georgia WOOD 01:01:43 2 Helen SCOTT 01:05:43 3 Eleanor PRESSDEE 01:07:37 4 April CAUFIELD 01:08:14 5 Krista CROWTHER 01:09:10 Complete results
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