Miles 2 Meals 100 Mile Relay

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
18 Mai, 2024 (Sam)


100 mi

À propos de l'événement

This years 100 mile relay will be held on May 18, 2024. Once registration closes, a list of starting times will be sent out so participants can see what time they will run.

The Vision

Miles2Meals was created to fight hunger in our local community. By coming together as a community in a fun way, we can give back to our own areas and combat local issues.

How It Works

Obviously an unusual race format will come with some confusion in regards to sign ups. Here's how it works...

You register for the race individually, submitting your prospective mile time and indicating what time of day you are available to run.Join a team of up to five if you would like (encouraged). Teams will be created by one person who will provide a password for their friends/families to join. Teams will run on the same group of 100 people, but will run consecutively, allowing friends/family members to stay together.Once 200 runners have registered, registration will close and two teams of 100 runners each will be compiled. A waiting list of participants over 200 will be compiled and consecutive teams of 100 people will be created if registration reaches such numbers.An email will be sent to all runners indicating their place in line and the approximate time of day that they will be slated to run their mile.Runners are welcome to come and go as they please, but they should be at the North Allegheny Intermediate High School track a little bit in advance of their scheduled time so that they do not miss the handoff.Results will be live-streamed  so you can keep track of the race’s progress and know when to be at the track.Upon arrival at the track, you should pick up your bib number and shirt (if you ordered one) and await your turn with the baton.Once you receive the baton, you run four laps and hand it off to the next person in line.When runner #100 crosses the finish line, the baton will have traveled a full 100 miles and the team’s total time will be registered.

While the race is going on, you are welcome to partake in any of the various activities and foods that will be available, and you are encouraged to cheer on your teammates.

​Information regarding awards will be communicated closer to the event date.

Courses proposées par cet événement

100 Mile Relay

18 Mai, 2024 (Sam) - 06:00
100 mi
Sur site

100 Mile solo

18 Mai, 2024 (Sam) - 06:00
100 mi
Sur site


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