Rapa-Nui Easter Island Marathon

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Hanga Roa, Chile
02 Juin, 2024 (Dim)
Taille de l'événement: 0 - 99 participants


10 km, 21.097 km, 42.195 km

À propos de l'événement

Easter Island, also known by islanders as Rapa Nui, lies 2,300 miles from land of any significance.  A tiny speck in the middle of the South Pacific, the island is roughly triangular in shape with its rocky shores.  Easter Island has a population of 7,000 who live primarily in Hanga Roa, the island’s only town.   The island is known for its famous imposing stone statues (Moais).

Exotic Pacific Run with the accurate of 42.195 mts long along RAPA NUI.

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Day: Sunday 2 Jun 2024.
Start: 10:15 hrs. 
Place: Easter Island - V Región.
Mode: 10K, Halfmarathon y Marathon
Distances: 10K - 21K y 42K
Maximun capacity: 250 participants.

Runners gets: Official Technical T- Shirt, Official Windbraker, Official cap, finisher medal, aids station each 5K (water, rehidratant, Pasta Part, Award medals for age divisions

Los participantes reciben con la inscripción: LA ORGANIZACION Y PRODUCCION  del evento más Polera Oficial, Cortavientos, Buff, Medalla de Finalista, Tallarinata de bienvenida, puesto de abastecimiento con Agua, Rehidratante cada 5K, Ceremonia de premiación con medallas para los 3 primeros en cada categoría.






Event details and schedule

 LISTADO DE INSCRITOS  https://bit.ly/3oOyRWe

Iorana !

Nos vemos el SABADO 01 DE JUNIO, 2024  a las 18:00 hrs. (hora local) en el HOTEL MAEA HARE link https://bit.ly/3IOSvIF
para la entrega del kit, reunión técnica y tallarinata.


ENTRY LIST https://bit.ly/3oOyRWe

 Iorana !


The  race kit pick up , technical meeting and pasta party will be  SATURDAY JUNE 01, 2024 18:00 (loca time) at MAEA HARE HOTEL link https://bit.ly/3IOSvIF

 See you here to enjoy RAPA NUI !




In it´s XX version, Rapa Nui welcomes to all marathon runners to run in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by the misterious statues called MOAIS.

Runners gets: Oficial Technical T- Shirt, Oficial Windbraker, Oficial Buff, Finisher medal, Pasta Party, Aids station each 5K (water, rehidratant.  Award medals for age divisions

Ladies 16 to 19 years
Ladies 20 to 34 years
Ladies 35 to 39 years
Ladies 40 to 44 years
Ladies 45 to 49 years
Ladies 50 to 54 years
Ladies 55 to 59 years
Ladies 60 to 64 years
Ladies 65 to 69 years

70 + years

Males 16 to 19 years
Males 20 to 34 years
Males 35 to 39 years
Males 40 to 44 years
Males 45 to 49 years
Males 50 to 54 years
Males 55 to 59 years
Males 60 to 64 years

Males 65 to 69

Males 70 +


NOTA IMPORTANTE: LAS INSCRIPCIONES NO TIENE DEVOLUCIÓN BAJO NINGÚN MOTIVO. En caso de de no participación o suspensión del evento por razones de causa mayor, la inscripción se trasladará para fecha del año 2024.

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02 Juin, 2024 (Dim) - 10:15
21.097 km
Sur site


02 Juin, 2024 (Dim) - 10:15
10 km
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02 Juin, 2024 (Dim) - 10:15
42.195 km
Taille de la course: 0 - 99 participants
Voir la carte du parcours
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Sakembe Bear

Not worth all the headaches. Marathon tours indicated they dropped this race because it was so poorly organized. Wish I had listened. Even when the policy at the time of signup was you get a refund if they cancel--and they cancel--getting a response from the organizer takes countless emails. The year marathon tours cancelled they indicated the organizer did not carry through on commitments either. After dozens of failed attempts, feel only thing to do is warn others.

user avatar
Tom Vanhouche
Country flag of BE

Amazing island, lots to do! The marathon itself is quite boring, it goes from A to B, turnaround at B and go back to A (90% same route). They could have made a much more interesting course along the coast passing the cultural aspects of the island (Moai, Ahu, ...). I booked the package deal including flights to the Island and hotel. Upon arrival I (and a couple of other people) was told we had to move to another hotel in the vicinity in the same price category. Turned out it was a couple of categories below what I paid for, I was promised a refund but never got it. A big shame....

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