Shepaug Run-Raiser

Bridgewater, CT, USA
25 Mars, 2023 (Sam)


12 km, 24 km, 48 km

À propos de l'événement

The Shepaug Run-Raiser is back on an all new course.  A few miles of asphalt link up the undulating terrain of The Nature Conservancy’s Sunny Valley Trail system.  This course takes you up and over Wolfpit Mountain, over to the Silica Mine section, and through the Iron Ore area.  A little shorter than the last course but with more elevation gain on punchy climbs and technical descents.  Haven’t been running?  Not really sure if trail running is for you?  Try the short course; half the distance and half the elevation.  As always, the proceeds of this fundraiser support the regional youth athletics program.

There will be one aid station on course at about the 5 mile mark.  There will be water and snacks here but do not rely on us for your fueling needs.  We recommend all runners carry water and nutrition based on individual needs.  Those running the full course will also pass this station at around the 13 mile mark.  There will be refreshments at the start/finish line and runners doing multiple laps will have access to their vehicles at the end of the first lap.  Award ceremonies to take place after the conclusion of each event.



What: 12k short loop (starts at 8:00am)

 24k full course loop (starts at 8:30am)

 48k - 2 loops on the full course (starts at 8:30am)

When:  Saturday March 25th 2023

 (Rain or Shine or Snow or Other)

Where:   Bridgewater Fire House

   100 Main St. S

   Bridgewater, Ct  06752

NO “DAY OF” REGISTRATION (reg. closes  Sunday March 19th)

Full Course

Distance:  24k (15mi)

Elevation:  2800’

Registration:  Opens at 6:30am

Race Start:  8:30am

Cut-off:  Course closes at 5:30pm

Description:  Backroad asphalt is used to link sections of technical singletrack with a few old roads turned trail.  The majority of the singletrack lies beyond reach of the short course.  The trails are more on the technical side but only a few sections of real rough ground.  The elevation profile accurately depicts the up/down nature of the terrain.  All runners are to check in with the volunteer(s) in the parking lot after Wolfpit Mt.  Runners also must check in at the aid station around mile 5 and again around mile 13.  




Short Loop

Distance: 12k (7mi)

Elevation: 1200’

Registration:  Opens at 6:30

Race Start:  8:00

Description:  Approximately half the distance and less than half the elevation gain of the full course.  The choice for those with less trail experience or those that have not been running as much as they have wanted to over the winter.  All the road as the full loop with fewer miles of trail.  The singletrack has plenty of technical sections with quality ascents and descents.  All runners must check in with the volunteer(s) in the parking lot while leaving Wolfpit Mt.  Runners will also check in with the volunteer(s) at the aid station at the course split around mile 5.


Courses proposées par cet événement


25 Mars, 2023 (Sam) - 08:00
12 km
1200 pied de dénivelé positif
Sur site
Petites côtes


25 Mars, 2023 (Sam) - 08:30
48 km
Sur site
Petites côtes


25 Mars, 2023 (Sam) - 08:30
24 km
2800 pied de dénivelé positif
Sur site
Petites côtes


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