The 7-11 Free Slurpee Day Ultra 60k

Meriden, CT, USA
11 Juill, 2022 (Lun)


60 km

À propos de l'événement

Do you like dumb ideas?

Mega convenience chain 7-11 gives out free Slurpees on 7/11 every year starting at 11 am and ending at 7 pm. So, let's get this out of the way: eight hour (soft) cutoff. YOU ARE RUNNING IT SELF SUPPORTED.

So this July, as temps start to roast the Northeast, please feel free to run 37.5 miles with us (on mostly roads, screw you trail "purists", you people are no fun) while stopping at 7-11's in Vernon, Manchester, East Hartford, West Hartford, Newington, New Britain and finally stopping in Meriden.

If this sounds like a stupid idea, you're right. I bet you're rolling your eyes. That's good. It is probably the dumbest idea I've not only had but executed. 2019's run was just three awkward dudes drinking small cups of cold sugary slush and eating bags of Doritos and those weird single serve pickles.

Distances between 7-11's:
Vernon to Manchester - 6.2 miles
Manchester to East Hartford - 5.4 miles
E. Hartford to W. Hartford - 5.7 miles
W. Hartford to Newington - 3.9 miles
Newington to New Britain - 5.2 miles
New Britain to Meriden - 8.2 miles

This is not a set course or a group run- everyone will go at their own pace and follow their own course; it's expected you can cover the 37+ miles on your own. In the event you want to drop out, just call an Uber. It's a huge net downhill course, too.

About that "soft" cut off...

Since the Slurpees are only free for eight hours you are welcome to stay out there as long as you like until you make it back to your car, just bring your debit / credit card (or sweaty cash) to buy your Slurpees after 7 pm. Buy yourself a pickle at some point. I'm only saying that because we ate a few pickles last year, it's a surprisingly good combination with Slurpees in 88 degree heat, which it will undoubtedly be.

I suggest bringing (at the very least) a hand-held water bottle as well as your debit / credit card, yeah I already said that but you runners never read these things. We navigated the course in 2019 using our phones but I'd also suggest using a paper map as well. All pedestrian traffic rules must be adhered to- do not run across roadways against traffic lights or try to run on any highways. You can have dumb ideas without being a dumbass.

We met some awesome people along the way last year, so think of this as a celebration. A 12:52 pace will get you to Meriden in eight hours, but that all depends on how well you move through the aid stations. We spent a lot of time opening the ice cream case and sticking our heads in there. I wonder how we will do that in a post-Covid world.

Your Entry Fee

You are paying for a chartered bus that is taking you from the last 7-11 to the first. We will leave Meriden about 10 am to arrive in Vernon on time (will take 40-45 minutes). You can start early, as all results will be self-reported. There's no "winner" really and if you race this thing you suck. I can not stress this point enough, you suuuuuck.

You will be "self-reporting" since the RD (me) will be running this thing, too. I'll be somewhere in the middle of the pack jackassing around and douching it up. Probably taking selfies and shit.

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11 Juill, 2022 (Lun)
60 km
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