Duathon Events

As its name suggests, duathlon is similar to triathlon, but only consists of two disciplines. If you thought that made it easier, think again. The swim segment has been replaced with a run segment, so the cycle leg of the competition is sandwiched between two runs.

Combine running and cycling

Duathlon races are a great way to start competing in multi-port events if you don’t feel strong enough in the water to participate in triathlons. They are also awesome for those colder months, when swimming outdoor is just not an option.

Duathlon events vary in length with sprint races consisting of a 5km run, 20km bike and 2.5km run. Standard distance is a 10km run followed by a 40km cycle and then a 5km run. Middle distance courses cover a total of 80km with a 10km run either side of a 60km bike ride. The longest distance involves a 10km run going into a 150km cycle, and finishing with a 30km run.

As in triathlon, transitions play an important role in the race, especially if you want to be competitive.

For trail enthusiasts, there are cross duathlons, which have combine trail running and mountain biking.

Our duathlon calendar has races from around the globe. Most of them take place during events that primarily focus on triathlon, and some feature only duathlon events.