Official 26.2mi Inca Trail Marathon and 18 mi Incathon

Machu Picchu, Peru
06 Jun, 2024 (Thu)
Event size: 0 - 99 participants

Trail running

16 mi, 42.195 km

About the event

This running adventure, designed for racers and spectators, is an action packed marathon running tour. It offers a wide range of different outdoor activities, cultural programs, and unique adventures. The highlight of the trip is one of the world's hardest marathons as well as one the most scenic South American marathons with the finish line at Machu Picchu, Peru.

The Official 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon Course and 18 mile Incathon Races:
-provide all runners the opportunity to finish at Machu Picchu
-are well marked and supported with professional staff to ensure runner safety
-provide at least 4 full service aid stations, access to drop bags, and first-aid
-are professionally and accurately measured

Marathon Tour Opportunities:
-run in Peru with like minded athletes and new friends
-sample Peruvian cuisine
-explore ancient ruins
-pursue exciting outdoor activities
-enjoy the fun nightlife and visit local markets
-interact with local culture
-complete the Official 26.2 mile Inca Trail Marathon or Incathon

We thought why hike the Inca Trail when you can run it!
This bucket list marathon is designed by experienced racers Erik and Myra Rasmussen. Erik's Adventures was the first to host an official, accurate, and fully supported 26.2 mile marathon race on The Inca Trail. Our 2012 inaugural event featured 41 runners. In 2013, we had runners doing both the full course and our 18 mile Incathon race. 2014 and 2015 were sold out and new Inca Trail Marathon records were set. Join us in July 2017 and race this incredible destination marathon on the Inca Trail and you will have your once in a lifetime photo finish at Machu Picchu!

Recent Accolades:
1. The Erik's Adventures Official 26.2 Inca Trail Marathon was featured in the July, 2015 Runners World UK Magazine- Best Destination Races article
2. The Official 26.2 Inca Trail Marathon Race was highlighted in the August, 2014 Runners World UK Edition Magazine- 50 of the Worlds Best Races feature
3. Women's Running Magazine May 2013- The Erik's Adventures Official 26.2 Inca Trail Marathon- was rated #1 in their Amazing Races article
4. in a featured 2012 article by one of our celebrity 2012 participants, professional running coach Jenny Hadfield
5. Washington Times March 2013 in an article by journalist and runner Karla Bruning

You must sign up early! Important information about limited Inca Trail availability:
Sign up early to reserve a spot in the race! Don't be left out! We expect the 2017 Inca Trail races to sell out at least 6 months or more in advance

Our philosophy for group travel is to maintain a balance of structure and flexibility:
Our custom itinerary is specially designed to do so. During this marathon tour, our experienced guides take you to the famous sites of Peru as well as to lesser known destinations, educating you on the many aspects of Peruvian culture. You also have plenty of flexibility to do some exploring on your own. This allows for an individual experience within a group travel setting.

Races offered by this event

You have 6 weeks to prepare

Official 26.2mi Inca Trail Marathon

06 Jun, 2024 (Thu) - 05:00
Trail running
42.195 km
Race size: 0 - 99 participants
On site
Mountain range

16mi Incathon

06 Jun, 2024 (Thu) - 05:00
Trail running
16 mi
13800 ft of elevation gain
On site
Mountain range


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