EDP Medio Maraton de Sevilla

Edition 22

Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain
29 Jan, 2017 (Sun)
Event size: 5000 - 9999 participants


21.097 km

Races offered by this event

Medio Maratón

29 Jan, 2017 (Sun) - 11:00
21.097 km
Race size: 5000 - 9999 participants
The race starts just outside the Olympic Stadium (built for the unsuccessful bids of the city to host the games), takes the runners around the Isla de La Cartuja and along both sides of the Guadalquivir river in the Northern part of the city, before finishing inside the Stadium.
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EDP Medio Maraton de Sevilla


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Results 2020: Sevilla Half Marathon EDP

27 Jan, 2020 (Mon)

Credit : IMD Sevilla Eyob Faniel outpaced more then 9453 runners to win in 01:00:44, followed by Kasahy Atsebha Kasa who finished with a time of 01:00:46. Agunafr Bekele (01:01:35) made notched third place. In the ladies race, Izabela Trzaskalska won the race with a time of 01:11:09 . She bested Marta Galimany Guasch who crossed the finish line 4 secondes behind her. Rounding out the top three was Lilly Partridge with a time of 01:11:31. Top 5 Men 1 Eyob Faniel 01:00:44 2 Kasahy Atsebha Kasa 01:00:46 3 Agunafr Bekele 01:01:35 4 Yassine El Fathaoui 01:05:18 5 El Hassan Oubaddi 01:05:30 Top 5 Women 1 Izabela Trzaskalska 01:11:09 2 Marta Galimany Guasch 01:11:13 3 Lilly Partridge 01:11:31 4 Aroa Merino Betancort 01:13:41 5 Iwona Bernardelli 01:14:07 Complete results
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Results 2019: EDP Medio Maraton de Sevilla

28 Jan, 2019 (Mon)

Credit : IMD Sevilla El Hassan Oubaddi grinded past more than 7812 runners to win in 01:03:14. He bested Isaac Kiprono Yeto who crossed the finish line 48 secondes behind him. Finishing third was Mourad Marofit (01:05:37). In the women’s race, Ruth Waithera Karanja scored victory with a time of 01:10:39 . Likina Amebaw Ayel earned runner-up honours with a time of 01:12:14. While Lisa Marie Bezzina came in third at 01:18:23 Top 5 Men 1 El Hassan Oubaddi 01:03:14 2 Isaac Kiprono Yeto 01:04:02 3 Mourad Marofit 01:05:37 4 Moises Antonete Sanchez 01:08:44 5 Manuel Marchena Román 01:09:17 Top 5 Women 1 Ruth Waithera Karanja 01:10:39 2 Likina Amebaw Ayel 01:12:14 3 Lisa Marie Bezzina 01:18:23 4 Mamen Ledesma Ruiz 01:19:41 5 Zanthe Wray 01:20:49 Complete results
1 min read

Results 2017: EDP Media Maraton de Sevilla

30 Jan, 2017 (Mon)

Credit : Miguel Angel Cordero Ángel Muñoz Pérez outran roughly 6,894 runners to win with a time of 01:09:51. He finished 44 seconds ahead of Juan Luis Gonzalez Moreno. Finishing third was Manuel Jesús Burgos Jiménez (01:10:58). For the women, Maria Carmen Ledesma Ruiz took top honors by finishing the race in 01:18:15 . Carmen Gutiérrez Peña earned runner-up honors with a time of 01:24:34. Finishing third was Guadalupe Rodríguez Fernández (01:25:35). Top 5 Men Top 5 Women Complete results §staticmap(3689,5,800,200)
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