Results 2023: EDP Seville Half Marathon

30 Jan, 2023 (Mon)

Amdework Walelegn won the race with a time of 01:00:28. Oqbe Kibrom Ruesom secured second in this year’s race with a time of 01:01:01. Benjamin Choquert (01:02:20) made notched third place.

For the women, it was Betsy Saina who took the top spot in 01:08:25 . She finished 17 seconds ahead of Alina Reh. Rounding out the top three was Deborah Schöneborn with a time of 01:09:41.

Top 5 Men

1 Amdework Walelegn 01:00:28
2 Oqbe Kibrom Ruesom 01:01:01
3 Benjamin Choquert 01:02:20
4 Michael Somers 01:02:23
5 Abel Bonifacio Sikowo 01:02:26

Top 5 Women

1 Betsy Saina 01:08:25
2 Alina Reh 01:08:42
3 Deborah Schöneborn 01:09:41
4 Alisa Vainio 01:10:20
5 Melody Julien 01:11:42

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