Swimrun is the sport that sprung from a drunken bet between four friends in the Stockholm archipelago. Their bet was the seed that lay behind the first swimrun race in 2006. It combines multiple stages of trail-running and open-water running in a seamless motion. It is guaranteed fun and excitement in close contact with nature.

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A swimrun is different from aquathlon as participants switch between disciplines several times throughout a single race. This means there is no change of equipment and you’ll be required to run in your wetsuit and swim in your running shoes, unless you run barefoot.

Most competitions are for teams of two, which improves the safety when you are pushing yourself to the limits in open waters. Shorter distances are often open to individual competitors.

Swimrun races may require use of special gear, which isn’t always compulsory. That includes special swimrun wetsuit that keeps your core warm without being too restrictive and too hot on the run. Swim paddles can be used to propel your body in the water. Swim pull buoy permits you to relax your legs without sinking. Teams of two may use a special leash attached at their waists, which allows the stronger swimmer to pull their teammate in the water. All that gear has to be carried from start to finish.

Swimrun events take place in stunning locations, so you get to enjoy spectacular views while competing. This is a fabulous way to combine travel and endurance events.

If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your event schedule this year, check out our global swimrun calendar.

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